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Middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« I started service with three SEO backlink offpage pros on fiverr, and the first pro is a woman in ¿India? and she created a blog post on a blog, with my link.  With Saniadigital I wrote nothing.  Her service and fiverr’s function was perfect.  I paid Saniadigital and used her service a second time.  Upon the second service I passed the fiverr SEO test after a failure and 90 day wait for retake. 

Satisfied again with Saniadigital and fiverr I decided to try the SEO backlink offpage service of another fiverr pro.  Yasher001 ‘s offer was not like Saniadigital.  He wanted me to write the text, and when I did not move fast enough we ended in disputed settled by fiverr in my favor, and no fault of Yasher001.  Fatima5549 ‘s service is similar to Yasher001 in that she wants me to write the article unlike Sandiadigital who wrote for me.  This text is only less than 200 words at this point, and I can’t imagine at this moment stretching it into 500 words as Yasher001 requests on her fiverr link.  The link I am trying to promote is here.  I have yet to find my own SEO offpage backlink gig in a fiverr search. 

Far from 500 words I’ll quit now and share with Yasher001.  Fiver is gr8.  I trust each of these pros are competent and offer good service including the one that ended in dispute.  Fiverr helped me resolve the dispute drama free. middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« Dear kind readers: If you like sports, and know little about soccer, then please consider my advice. Sincerely, Tom Doody. ONE: Search apps: “uefa” and install the Champions League app TWO: Set notifications to include game stuff and turn off news updates and yellow card. The app will remain quiet for a couple of weeks, and again for a couple of weeks, which is a weird thing if you know tennis, NFL, NCAA, MLB, and other normal sports where tournaments advance at the exclusion of all other play. Four teams remain after others have been, “knocked out”. I visit a Colombian cafe, and I can take the words on the screen, and find the game on my phone, which does not make me an expert, but this process revealed I’m no longer a complete novice fan. The Colombian cafe was playing Colombian national games, and I could tell in minutes the level of play was below the top European teams. Dear kind readers: Here’s another reality of soccer.

The Europe teams are not European players . . or even dominated by European players. Three European leagues house the world’s best teams and the world’s best players, but most of the players are from outside the country where the games are played unlike the Colombian national play I watched at El Carretero 48.  my DR amigo: seeking a platanos farming lesson ONE: the whole corn plant is harvested w the corn TWO: the apple tree survived several harvests; one tree produces apples for multiple years . . . fr ur plantanos farm pic of seems platanos r like corn . . . . the plant does not survive for a second harvest wondering if eye’m correct ¿Help? »»  302-990-2346 blog


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