Striped Shirt Outfits: Ways to Style Striped Tees

Striped shirts and t-shirts are very cute. They can simply add a charm in your look easily. But we often have to hear that a striped shirt or a striped t-shirt is not made for everyone. The situation is worse when it comes to a plus-size man or woman; we tell them to strictly avoid these. As we think strips will make them look bigger. But the reality is different.

Striped t-shirts and shirts are suitable for everyone and it suits everyone if they know how to wear them properly. So, if you are hesitating to buy a striped t-shirt because of your body size, then stop worrying as we are going to give you all the ideas related to your striped shirts or striped t-shirt men’s full sleeve.

Ways to style the striped tees:

There are several ways to style or wear a striped tee you just have to choose according to your taste or you can also try all the styles we are going to mention below.

Style no. 1 – You can simply wear your striped shirt outfit under your overall. Make sure to choose a solid colour overall with the striped t-shirt. They will complement each other beautifully. This is a great idea for those who want to wear something comfortable and look cute. You can add a pair of sneakers to complete your look.

Style no. 2 – A striped tee is usually very beautiful on its own especially if it is multi coloured. Thus, for a simpler look you can pair it with a solid colour pant or jeans. Multi coloured stripes will give you the vibrancy especially for day looks. You can tuck it in your pants for a neat and clean look. If it’s a sunny day then don’t forget a hat and complete your look.

Style no. 3 – If you want a cute winter look with a striped t-shirt then it is also very easy. You can buy a dual colour horizontal striped t-shirt for it. The other thing you will need is a solid colour corduroy skirt. Just tuck your t-shirt into the skirt and wear a pair of over the knee boots. This is adorable, simple, cute, and perfect for winter mornings.

Style no. 4 – Want to know about another winter look? You can simply wear a striped t-shirt with skinny jeans. Layer it up with a jacket and wear knee high boots. You will look simply gorgeous.

Style no. 5– A leather jacket can add character to any kind of outfit. From the dresses to t-shirts and leather jackets, they just make everything look better. For a chic look you can wear a light colour striped t-shirt with jeans and layer up with a leather jacket. It is an easy going and comfortable look for your lazy days.

Style no. 6 – Summers are very hot and uncomfortable especially when it comes to going out. Thus, wearing comfortable clothing like t-shirts are necessary in the summer season. You can wear a striped t-shirt with denim shorts. The ideal summer colour, the blue denim and white t-shirt with black stripe will give you a super fashionable and summer suitable look. For a cute look you can tie a knot in your t-shirt near your belly.

Style no. 7 – The simplest way to style up your t-shirt is just wearing it like a dress. This is the easiest method of the list. If you are a fan of accessories then you can add few of them in this look to make it gorgeous. For example, you can wear a statement necklace with a striped t-shirt women dress.

These are not all. There are even more ways which you can use while dressing up with a striped t-shirt. You just need to know what suits and how to wear your stripes casually. If you love experimenting with your outfits then striped t-shirts are best for that because you can wear them with almost everything and almost in every way.

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