The Fastest Way to Cure Erectile Dysfunction

If we survey what are the reasons that make one person a patient of Erectile Dysfunction (ED), it’s obvious that most of them will answer smoking and drinking alcohol. And our addictions are indeed responsible for developing, but above all that, the brain plays a major role in how we react to situations.

This is the reason why doctors often say that unless the patient is mentally ready to overcome and fight a disease no medicine like Cenforce 100 for Sale, Fildena 100 mg Pills or Cenforce 100mg will work effectively in his/her body. The same is the case with Erectile Dysfunction there are many cases in which the patient has no addictive habits, no obesity, and no diabetes but then also they are being diagnosed with ED. This is because the reason is psychological, their expectations, stress levels, anxiety, depression all contribute towards ED. So, if the root cause is psychological then the solution should also be psychological.

How is psychology related to developing Erectile Dysfunction?

This question still rings in most of the readers and patients of ED, they are unable to understand how a sexual disorder can be linked with your mental situation. The simplest explanation is that one only feels a sex drive if he/she is peaceful in mind, there is no hurry to go somewhere you have ample time to spend with your partner.

A person busy with any kind of task will not feel a sex drive because that present your brain is focusing on some other task. Similarly, if you are under depression, you tend to become less social, you blame yourself for everything that has happened to you. Clearly, in such situations, no one will ever get sexually aroused. So, to enjoy a happy sex life with your partner the first thing is that you should be in a peaceful state of mind.

Reasons for psychological stress

Before getting too psychological solutions and therapies we must understand the root cause in which leads to mental disbalance in men.

Feeling guilty–When a male despite being fit and handsome is unable to satisfy his wife or girlfriend on the bed, the wife despite being frustrated and disappointed doesn’t tell her partner on the fact that she is not satisfied. And especially in our society where matriarchy prevails, he feels he is incomplete or incompetent to fulfill his sexual desires.

Expectations–Due to continuous exposure early exposure to porn sites and adult content, we believe that in real life too sexuality is expressed similarly. And in our mind, we grow expectations that like in the video I will also do such kinds of stuff. Such people get disappointed when they get sexual with someone because sex turns out quite a normal process just like breathing or digestion.

Stress–Stress can be of anything money, relationships, career, social life, sexual life, physical life, and many others. Many people get stressed before going for sex whether he would be able to satisfy his girl or not, how would she feel, how long would he be able to remain in bed, and many such questions keep popping in one’s mind. While having sex also keep on thinking about how it’s going, is she getting the pleasure or not, or she’s just pretending? This over thinking about your sexual performance is also one of the reasons you get ED.

Low Self Confidence– People who have a history of Erectile Dysfunction which at one time they were suffering from, while getting through Cenforce 100 for Sale, Fildena 100 mg Pills or Vidalista Tadalafil 20 mg, are now healthy put the history still haunts them. Whenever they go for sexual interactions their mind recalls the history, which tends to reduce their self-esteem as they think that this time too, they would disappoint their partners.

So, what’s the solution?

There can’t be a single perfect solution for ED as if the reasons for developing ED are multiple then the solution also has to be multiple. Usually, people think eating pills like Cenforce 100 for Sale, Fildena 100 mg Pills or Vidalista Tadalafil 20 mg is enough for treating ED. To some extent they are correct as these pills are effective and they provide you with an erect penis that remains erect for 4 to 5 hours.

But these pills are for one-time use, again for the next time you have to consume another pill. In the long run, to complete to get rid of ED, you have to undergo psychological therapy along with the medication. Psychological include:

  • Meditation

Meditation is one such process to say, that benefits you in every disorder and has no side effects. Doing meditation every day for 30 minutes significantly reduces stress levels by calming your nerves. Improves blood circulation, resets the blood pressure levels, and facilitates the creation of your brain.

  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)

In CBT the behaviour patterns are observed by specialists, the reasons that led to Erectile Dysfunction, and the response of your brain while tacking the disorder, all are observed by experts.

During ED situations a male goes through enormous turmoil because it hurts their ego and manliness very badly. He begins developing a negative attitude towards life, the feeling that life would never be the same always prevails in that person’s mind. In CBT experts through regular therapy and processes replace the negative thoughts with realistic solutions, hope, positivity, and with the feeling that everything can be brought back to normal with some effort.

It becomes crucial for a man to understand various sort of problems that leads to a person formulating erectile dysfunction in the body. Erectile dysfunction can be regarded as one of the most complicated and tricky forms of disorder that a man can encounter in his life at any stage of his life. To understand how these are the medications and how these medications are accountable for the person’s liftmen we must first realize how erectile dysfunction can formulate in a person’s body.


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