The ‘Functionality’ Of Mexi Shred Blend as an Ingredient in a Dish

Mexi Shred Blend is a blend of four kinds of cheese – Monterey Jack, Natural Cheddar, Asadero and Queso Quesadilla. It is a blend that is designed to melt on anything hot – mac & cheese, pizza, nachos or tacos, the list goes on.

Shredded cheese is used as a primary ingredient in many dishes. Over the past few years, Mexi Shred Blend has successfully gained popularity in the food industry as one of the most versatile ingredients.

Let’s see how functional Mexi Shred Blend is.

Can Be Used In Any Type Of Dish

Mexi Shred Blend can be used in an entrée, main course, and even desserts. It is possible to make a full course of meals using shredded cheese as a main ingredient. Not many food items have the ability to be this flexible.

Some of the entrée dishes that Mexi Shred Blend can be used in include salads, soups, bruschetta, and breadsticks. For your main courses, Mexi Shred Blend can be used in casserole dishes, mac & cheese and on pizzas. Here comes the interesting one – desserts with cheese in them; cheesecake, fudge and cheese crust apple pies are just a few of the desserts that can be made with shredded cheese. These dishes are just a few; hundreds of other dishes can be added to this list.

It Is Not Cuisine Specific

Mexi Shred Blend has Mexican in its name, but it is not limited to the Mexican cuisine. This four-cheese blend can be used in Tex-Mex, American, Italian, French, South Asian and many other cuisines.

The unique characteristics of all four cheeses make Mexi Shred Blend supremely versatile for multiple cuisines.

What Makes Mexi Shred Blend A Functional Ingredient In A Dish?

Mexi Shred Blend’s primary purpose is adding a whole lot of flavour to any dish you make, but it is not only the property that makes this shredded cheese so functional.

Apart from amazing taste, the second most important functional property of Mexi shred is its melting ability. The fine shreds melt so beautifully and in no time, making it capable of blending with any other ingredients.

Texture and colour is another crucial factor. As we know, Mexi Shred Blend consists of four kinds of cheese – each of them has a unique colour and texture. This cheese blend also does not become greasy when heated. Instead, it becomes creamy and smooth.

The Best Mexi Shred Blend in Australia

With the increasing popularity, it can be hard to determine where you should buy your Mexi Shred Blend for your restaurant. This can be tough when trying to find the right distributors, and the right cheese, mainly because restaurant owners have to feed their customers the best, in order to keep them coming back, and don’t want to jeopardise this.

You might be wondering where to purchase the best Mexi Shred Blend and the answer is Pure Dairy. If you want to deliver consistent and delicious food to your customers, then the Mexi Shred Blend from Pure Dairy is your answer. They sell the best Mexi Shred Blend, and they use no “extra” ingredients in their blend, no nasty additives and preservatives.


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