The Key Players that Make Up a Dedicated Development Team

A dedicated development team works solely on your project to help accelerate the software’s time to market. The team follows an extended model which is flexible and can be changed according to your business needs. There are some common players on every team which we have listed below. They help with the project development and report back to you.

Project Manager

The dedicated software developers need someone to oversee their efforts and that is where the project manager comes in. The development project has a lot of moving parts and it needs planning, setting deadlines, and recruiting for tasks. They make sure the correct methodology is implemented and the project is moving ahead of schedule. The collaboration and communication that clients require from a is also the responsibility of a manager. They are usually the point of contact for clients and maintaining a high-quality standard. Without a project manager, there would be no accountability or performance control for the work. They are the ones with organizational and managerial skills to rally the entire squad.

Assistant Manager

The assistant acts as the link between the project manager and dedicated software developers. They see it as their responsibility to keep track of everyone’s activities and map the progress. They will rank all member’s performance and provide feedback, so it is easier for the project manager to knowhow to keep the developers motivated.

Business Analyst

The business analyst fulfills the system requirements and adds value to the project. We have to consider how many factors are associated with each deliverable and the analyst makes sure that everything is moving in the right direction. They have a major responsibility to fulfill by measuring the quality and checking them against the list of requirements. A business analyst should have technical, creative, management, and other skills for developing the project so it moves towards success.

Quality Assurance Engineer

One major requirement you cannot overlook is quality assurance. These members of the dedicated development team have to check the system for bugs. The software is tested through plans to ensure it is working as it should and meets all the conditions set by the client.

Team Lead

Often the project manager handles the team lead position as well but sometimes it comprises responsibilities that one individual cannot handle. The team lead examines the tools and technologies being used and makes sure that everything is up to date. They are also responsible for ensuring the team meets the deadlines by holding regular scrum meetings to go over the completed and pending tasks. They maintain the highest standards in compliance as well as control the implementation procedures. They are also the link between stakeholders and the dedicated software developers in most projects.

Now that you have a keen understanding of the participants and their functions you will be able to figure out how to successfully collaborate and focus your efforts towards a single goal.

James Mason

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