5 Tips to Hire the Perfect Web Developer for Your Project

Every business today needs a website to compete and grow incessantly. And, if you want to build a good website, you can undoubtedly rely on a web developer. But when it is about hiring a web developer, it can be an arduous task to accomplish. Though you can find many web developers out there, finding the best of them is not easy. 

A website is the face of a company. And users or customers interact with a business through its website. Hence, you need to select the right talent to develop your website. A perfect web developer can help you to build a superior website that matches your vision. But what characteristics should you check to hire web developers? 

There is no hard-and-fast rule to hire developers. But you can follow some helpful tips to hire the perfect web developer(s) for your website development project. Here are five tips to help find the right developer(s). 

1. Hire developers with an aptitude

Look for developers with an aptitude instead of skills alone. While skills may be outdated, an aptitude to learn and adapt to new technologies enable developers to stay relevant and ahead of time. Indeed, regular learning habits and experimenting with new technologies make a developer more proficient than those with just skills in a particular technology.  

Moreover, it doesn’t mean skills aren’t necessary, but the point is you should hire a developer with both skills and aptitude. The aptitude makes developers grab new knowledge and evolve. These kinds of web developers are likely to execute complex tasks proficiently. Also, they can smoothly adapt to technological changes. 

You can figure out if a developer has that aptitude by asking questions like “What’s your favorite tech?” or “What latest tech or programming method you’ve learned?”. With these questions, you can evaluate the developers’ interest in learning new things. It will be a beneficial trait of a developer for your project.

2. Ask about past work experience

When looking for a web developer, always check out the kind of work they have delivered in the past. It helps you find out what that developer has to offer you and if that offering is compatible with your business objectives. Also, to hire web developers as per your project requirements, you must make sure they have relevant experience in the field. It means you should check if the developer has already worked on a project like yours.  

Further, you can check their work portfolio for a detailed view of their previous work. The portfolio typically consists of all the projects that have been completed so far. Here you can browse different projects, check the tech stacks used, deliverables, timelines, challenges, and the overall solution provided. All this information gives a bird’ eye view of their capabilities, skills, and ability to deliver projects on deadlines. 

3. Try out a developer with a small task

You might be happy that you have found the ideal developer for your project. But to ensure he is the right developer, give him a small, non-critical task to test his abilities. You can observe him and get out-of-the-box information that you may not get during the interview.

Through the test, you can check how efficiently a candidate delivers a task. How is the quality of the product? The creative level of the solution. How well does the candidate do in a team to communicate problems and timelines? Hence, you can learn about his collaboration, communication, creativity, and other skills. 

4. Check the developers’ expertise

When you hire web developers, you need to evaluate their expertise to check if they can cope with your requirements. Find out more about the developers you wish to hire before making any commitment. You can check out the profile of the developers on LinkedIn. Also, you can go through the developer’s website, if any, to find out more about their expertise. 

A good web developer has expertise in CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Magento, etc. Further, they know how to work with various databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, etc. In addition, the developer should be aware of the latest web development trends such as chatbots, AI, AR/VR, social commerce, etc. 

The developers can be proficient in various front-end and back-end technologies. Besides the technical expertise, you should also consider their soft skills. These skills are equally crucial for the success of a project. The soft skills include communication, feedback, teamwork, coordination, and the ability to build a good rapport. 

5. Specify business challenges

Before you even look for a developer, you must be sure of what you really want from him. Hence, you need to identify your needs precisely and look for a suitable resource. Additionally, you need to specify the project size and goals to set prerequisites to search for a reliable developer. You need to decide on for what type of web development project you want a web developer. It might be:

  • Simple projects: It includes creating a simple website or incorporating additional functionalities into a website that may be a CTA, contact form, etc. 
  • Medium projects: Different types of projects are included. It consists of creating dynamic and static web apps, online stores, and other solutions requiring integration of third-party services like database, CMS, CRM, APIs, chatbots, etc. 
  • Large-scale projects: It refers to the kind of web solutions that require lots of technologies, cloud integration, and more. 
  •  Other projects: Their scope and scale can vary. 

Firstly, you need to find out your requirements. Find out the project scale and scope and search for a developer who can meet those requirements. Thus based on your needs, you can hire a perfect web developer

Let’s wrap up!

A web developer takes a huge responsibility when he opts for your project. Hence, he must be capable of doing what you want from him precisely and in the stipulated timeframe. Finding a perfect web developer can be a tricky job to be done because of many choices. Moreover, you can rely on a prominent web development company like CSSChopper to hire top web developers.

Having a pool of vetted, experienced, and proficient web developers, you have many options to pick the most suitable expert for your project. They are knowledgeable and fully updated with new trends and techs in the domain. You can interview the candidates and hire the ones who fit your requirements perfectly.

Author Bio

Emily White is a senior web developer associated with CSSChopper which is an eminent web development company. She is a passionate coder and a coffee lover. Emily spends her spare time writing blogs and articles that entail views and updates related to technologies and trends.

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