Top 10 Qualities Present In Every Good Academic Service Provider

The moment you encounter a problem with your assignment, there are two options you can pursue –

  • Option 1– Spend precious hours trying to figure out the solution yourself
  • Option 2– Hire a professional academic service provider to solve the issue

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the second option is the most preferred among students, especially those who barely have the time to spare to fix their assignments. Now, the process of hiring such experts seems simple on paper. All you have to do is find the cheapest option offering solutions to your problem, and you’re done. Unfortunately, picking a reliable service is more complex than it seems. You can also get geography assignment help by top assignment writers.

Common Problems with Hiring an Unreliable Academic Service Provider

Since the demand for professional academic service providers has increased significantly in the past few years, you will always have options whenever you wish to hire an online writing service. However, you need to conduct thorough background research on these websites before hiring them to avoid running into more trouble than you can handle.

Almost 60% of the students I have interviewed admit they have had horrible experiences with some academic writing services. Some of the leading issues include the following:

  • Lack of communication
  • Inability to deliver papers on time
  • Lack of originality in content
  • Charging of excessive fees
  • No quality control for assignments

After paying high service charges, you’d naturally expect the best services from any assignment help company. Unfortunately, if you ignore the red flags and pick any service that crosses your path without a basic background check, the chances of encountering one or more such issues are over 90%.

10 Qualities to Check before Hiring Academic Guidance Websites

One of the fundamental pieces of advice for navigating the internet safely is – “Do NOT believe everything you see online.” When searching for academic service providers, you’ll encounter several websites that make tall claims but fail to deliver their promises. Hence, all students must conduct a preliminary investigation into any service before hiring experts.

“How can I figure out if a website is dependable?”

It’s natural for such a question to cross your mind when you don’t have much experience with online academic services. So, let’s explore the features you should check on every website to ensure you will be happy with your choice.

1. Good ratings from verified customers

Say “Aye!” if you’ve obsessively searched up customer reviews on any e-commerce website before buying any expensive item. So, why skip this step when hiring any professional academic writing service?

When shortlisting assignment providers online, check the customer reviews on their websites. Then, check out third-party review platforms like and to compare the reviews from verified customers. Significant discrepancies between the two are an immediate red flag. So, always choose websites where verified customers have left good reviews.

2. Excellent record of timely deliveries

Almost 70% of students who hire academic writing services claim tight deadlines compel them to rely on professionals. Most colleges and universities aren’t flexible with deadlines and impose late-submission penalties even if you’re an hour late to deliver your paper.

Hence, the website you choose must provide timely deliveries. To check whether your shortlisted services are reliable, you should order urgent papers a few times and check whether the experts can deliver the tasks on time.

3. Experts with an excellent academic record

When hiring assignment help services, the tutors must be qualified enough to handle assignments of all educational levels. After all, you can’t expect someone with a high-school graduation degree to tackle a PhD-level dissertation. Therefore, before finalising on any website, check whether they provide a list of all the available experts and their educational qualifications. It’s best to choose services where most experts have completed their PhDs to guarantee quality services.

4. Guaranteed plagiarism-free papers

Since the demand for online assignment help services increases significantly before the semester ends, many websites tend to cut corners and breach academic integrity by plagiarising assignments. I’ve encountered many instances where students have paid high service charges only to receive assignments with over 80% plagiarism.

So, to ensure that you don’t have to deal with such issues at the last minute, check whether the website you pick provides detailed plagiarism reports with every assignment. You can also run the free samples available (if any) through free plagiarism detectors online to check their uniqueness.

5. Student-friendly policies

Before hiring an academic service provider, most students don’t even bother to gloss over the ‘Privacy’ and ‘Revision & Refund’ policies. Naturally, if the assignments aren’t up to the mark, you might not be able to seek refunds if the policies do not entertain such claims. Hence, before hiring any service, go through the fine print and check whether the policies are student-friendly.

6. 24/7 availability of experts

Suppose you suddenly remember a pending assignment that you must submit in less than four hours. Completing a college-level task in five hours, let alone four, is impossible for most students. Naturally, hiring professional experts is the only available option. But what happens if no experts are available to take on your task? So, to avoid such a nightmarish scenario, always ensure that the service you hire provides experts 24/7.

7. Good expert-client communication

A good expert-client relationship is crucial to ensuring outstanding quality assignments. The service you hire must allow you to communicate your specific assignment needs to the expert. However, it must be a two-way process where the expert must also be able to approach you for queries or update you on the task’s progress. Hence, when selecting any academic service provider, ensure they allow direct communication with the expert.

8. Responsive customer care executives

There’s nothing more irritating than sending a query to the customer care executives of any website and receiving no response from them in over 48 hours. Many of the students that I’ve interviewed admit to having suffered from extreme anxiety when the services they hired refused to provide any updates despite them completing all payments on time. Responsive customer care service is crucial to ensuring a smooth experience for students. So, remember to shoot a few queries to check the response rate.

9. Ability to own up to mistakes

Human beings aren’t perfect. So, there might be times when an expert might unintentionally mess up an assignment. Now the mark of an excellent academic service provider is in its ability to own up to that mistake and allow the expert to take responsibility for it. Unfortunately, most services ignore students’ complaints. So, when going through customer reviews, check whether the service provider has acknowledged students’ complaints and provided them with proper solutions.

10. Pocket-friendly services

Taking advantage of students’ desperation, many academic service providers charge excessive fees. Now, here’s where things get tricky. You can’t pick services that provide dirt-cheap prices because there’s a 99% chance you won’t receive quality work. Meanwhile, it would be best to avoid websites that overcharge students without a second thought. The best option is to compare the prices at multiple websites and pick the one with the most reasonable rates.

Summing it up,

Hiring an academic service provider involves more steps than you can imagine. Without a basic background check, there’s a high chance you’ll end up with a website that’ll land you in more trouble than you can handle. So, review the points to keep in mind and avoid landing up with a horrible service provider that’ll just add to your nightmares.

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Geraldine Wyatt is a professional academic scholar working at, one of the top assignment writing help services worldwide. He has completed his PhD in Philosophy from a reputable institute in the UK and provides online tutoring to students of all academic levels.

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