Types of amazing pizzas that you should try once!

Pizza has long been a popular meal. With the invention of frozen pizza dough, it has become even easier to bake a pizza, and you can even buy frozen pizza. Although it has spread throughout the United States in different forms, some places have been more popular than others. Here are the different types of pizza.

Thincrust Pizza –

This type of pizza is thin and made with wheat flour or some other flour that won’t stick to the pizza dough. The pizza dough can be rolled out to achieve a thin crust or be made into a pizza with the use of a press. It is not as deep-fried as the rest of the types of pizza. In fact, thin crust pizza is usually so thin that it is usually eaten just with a fork and finger.

Crockpot/slow cooker Pizza –

The slow cooker/crockpot pizza is perfect for when you are on the go or when you are entertaining a large number of people. The ingredients are cooked in a slow cooker or on the stove top. Many people are surprised by how easy it is to make this kind of pizza. Most types of pizza dough can easily be worked into this style of pizza.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Pizza –

This style of pizza features authentic Italian bread toppings like prosciutto and tomato sauce. You can find the cheese and tomato sauce pre-made or you can create your own. The real key to the taste of an extra virgin olive oil pizza is the quality of the ingredients. By using high quality olive oil, it makes for a crisp crust, great sauce and lots of tasty toppings.

Stuffed Pizza –

Stuffed pizzas are another fun way to enjoy the flavors of Italy. Traditional pizzas include tomato, prosciutto, baked potato and mozzarella cheese. You can add a variety of stuffed ingredients to a traditional pizza and create your own unique stuffed pizza. An Italian platter will include stuffed crust, stuffed mushrooms, meatballs, sausage, garlic knots and many other traditional pizza toppings to please everyone. You can also make stuffed pizza from scratch using just about any type of meat or vegetables that you would like.

Lasagna Pizza –

Another great way to enjoy the flavors of Italy is with lasagna pizza. Like the traditional toppings, you can add an array of items to a traditional pizza and make your own unique dish. One of the most popular items that you can put on a lasagna pizza is the Provel cheese. Provel cheese is made from milk and is very smooth. You can purchase it in small containers at any grocery store or Italian market. Toppings can include any type of vegetables, mushrooms, olives, bell pepper, fresh mushrooms, spinach, etc.

Final Thoughts:

Therefore, pizza has been an all-time favorite dish among all. From kids to adults all are crazy like anything in the name of pizza. It is easy to make or you can order online from your favorite restaurant.


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