Types of Gloves: Cut-Resistant, Work Gloves, & More

After slips, trips, and falls, hand injuries happen to be the second most frequent injuries that people go through.  

According to the research of OSHA, it costs around $300 million a year to the food industry to cope up with the compensation of worker’s hand injuries and the time that was lost due to their hand injury. 

On the odds that you are someone who spends most of his day in the Kitchen, you can agree with us here. 

Hands are the most exposed area when we work. And working in the kitchen means dealing with loads of heat and the possibility of hot items being spilled on your hand. 

Thus after considering this problem of the people who work in Kitchen, Gloves were introduced in the market. 

Since the sole purpose of these gloves is to protect the hands of the users, still to stand out from the competition, most manufacturers started texturing gloves with their own unique style. 

Hence, by having so many types of gloves being easily available in the market, opting for the best one for yourself can be a daunting task for most people.

Thus, this is why we are providing you with a guide. In this guide, we have covered some of the famous types of grilling gloves, along with their buyer’s guide.  Hence, without any further ado, let’s begin with our guide.

1. Oven Mitts and Gloves

What classifies to be the primary function of oven mitts and gloves is to provide premium protection to the hands of the wearer from the extreme heat while working in a kitchen. 

The heat we are talking about here is the one that surrounds our hand when we reach the oven to pull something out of it, or while carrying a scalding hot sheet of pans, etc.

In order to make these oven mitts and gloves more versatile, the manufacturers make these gloves to be flame retardant so that they become safer for the user when he reaches the oven and the hot heat comes out of it, or while working near to the grill or barbecue pit.  

Buyer’s Guide: When it comes to choosing oven mitts, the first thing that you have to consider is the style of the gloves. Oven mitts and gloves usually come in three different Styles: Conventional Mitts, Puppet Mitts, and then there are Oven Gloves. 

Other than that, you must consider how much heat tolerance the glove has to offer. If you are looking for a glove that will allow you to pick up a pan that is fresh out from Oven, a lot of Gloves are not going to qualify. If you have general use, you should consider gloves that can bear up to 200 Fahrenheit for a couple of seconds. However, if you are looking for something intense, then you must consider gloves that can hold up to 500 Fahrenheit for 60 Seconds.

2. Cut Resistant Gloves 

These gloves have a very Literal name. These gloves offer protection to the hands of the wearer from the cuts. In short, these gloves are resistant to cuts. 

Cut-resistant gloves offer an adequate amount of protection depending on your specific application. These gloves happen to be an intuitive solution when it comes to dealing with sharp objects of any kind. Whether it be cutting fruits or cutting through meat, these gloves are the perfect option. 

Depending on the gloves, some are going to be offering High protection against high heat and puncturing. 

Buyer’s Guide: You must consider the tolerance that they have to offer. Consider why you need to buy Cut resistant gloves. Now, The American National Standards Institutes has issued a rating system that makes it easier for you to consider the differences.

In order to understand how ANSI performance levels work, you must first understand that Cut Resistance gets determined by how much weight is needed to cut through a provided material with a 20mm of Blade Travel. The weight is considered in Grams. You must know that the higher the level is, the more resistant it will be. 

3. Dishwashing and Heavy Duty Gloves

The Dishwashing and Heavy Duty Gloves were mainly made to offer protection to the wearer’s hands from factors such as Moisture. Other than the moisture, these kinds of gloves offer protection from heat and chemicals as well. 

Chemicals are present in different Warewashing applications. Other than that, they are also found in other things that we use for Housekeeping, cleaning, and maintenance tasks as well. 

When it comes to offering protection against chemicals and waters, Dishes and Flatware coming directly out of the dish machine, These are the gloves suitable for the job. Plus, these gloves also prevent the hands of the users from prolonged exposure to cold environments that people have to face during walk-in restocking. 

These gloves are the perfect choice for most of the people out there! 

Buyer’s Guide: Seeing that there are so many options available on the market, it is practically impossible for a person to place their finger on one product. However, if you want to choose the best Dishwashing glove, then you must consider the use that you are buying them for. 

However, if you don’t have a lot to spend and if you want to make a good choice, then it would be a great idea to go with either Neoprene or Latex Gloves. The gloves made from these materials cannot be penetrated by Gases, vapors, or moisture. 


While wrapping it all up, if you have managed to come to this end of the article, we believe that you must have gathered up enough knowledge about the types of gloves that we have provided you above. 

While purchasing the best glove for yourself, you need to make sure that the type you are going for should suit your taste best and cover your needs and requirements to the fullest.

Every type of glove provides you with an ample amount of safety against heat, however, the thing that we are asking you to consider is written in the buyer’s guide of each type above. 

With that being said, we hope that the above-mentioned information would be fruitful for you, and would provide you with a profound experience! guide.html 


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