Types of Trail Camera


Trail camera aims to capture the wildlife while it has become an easy game for hunters as trail camera now available easily in the markets. Nowadays it is said that trail cameras have become more advanced and it is an advantage for the deer hunters but according to me it also depends on the hunters. Yes, it is important to check which type of trail camera you should buy, but it is also important to check hunters’ skills too.

Its main feature is to detect animals and within the mentioned trigger time take the pictures and the videos. Thus, here is a guide for the types of trail cameras with each one of them having its own advantages and disadvantages.


There are four types of trail camera



The white flash trail camera is the only kind of game camera available fo sale that is capable of capturing night pictures or videos with color, it gives you spectacular night images. This feature makes them great for outdoor photography. They give a flash as if you are taking pictures in a DSLR camera.

And due to that, some animals get frightened by its flash camera while some aren’t. But if you want to get mature buck movements then it may become dicey to get onto a decision.


No glow trail camera doesn’t produce any light while capturing the photos or videos. This kind of camera is also referred to as blackout trail camera or invisible trail camera. If we can see a small glow then they are low glow and if we see a brighter or visible glow then they are red glow cameras. 

The disadvantage of the no-glow cameras is, that they do not capture that good photos or videos but they do capture some satisfactory photos and videos because of the advanced technology. Also, there is no risk of the camera getting stolen by the trespasser roaming in the night as the camera does not glow while capturing.


The red IR glow trail camera gives a visible glow while capturing a picture or videos at night. They are very popular and there are lots of them in the market and this happens to be a spypoint link micro and also it is just like the basic cellular camera and also it is very affordable. They throw a red light that is lower on the spectrum. 


In low glow IR trail cameras we can see visible red light from the infrared emitters at night but this light is slightly less than the typical red glow IR trail camera and they don’t spook deer. The best advantage of this camera over the other camera is that you typically get better night photos and also when you use this camera in IR mode you can spook a mature buck out of it. Also you don’t have to worry about the comparison of flash trail cameras when it comes to spooking deer.

Difference between no glow, red glow and low glow trail camera

If we talk about how the trail camera captures the animals at night, then you must know that every trail camera mandatorily throws a light source at night to capture them but  if we talk about old days, then back in the old days the trail camera used a bright flashlight. But that kind of camera has not really been found today, they have gone away, maybe there may be some but almost not found these days.

And today you have these kinds of cameras such as no glow, low glow and red glow trail cameras. But that camera was not too bad as they carried a long way and also they provided a color at night while this camera doesn’t give you any color at night but they are very noticeable.

  • In the no glow or invisible camera there is a light coming out at 914 ana meters but it’s a darker red light and not a brighter one and it’s above the spectrum of human height that they or the animals can notice.
  • The other two cameras put a red light and they are brighter than the above one and also lower on the spectrum and thus they are called low glow or red glow trail cameras.
  • In the no glow camera there is less chance of the camera getting stolen or misplaced or broken by the animals as it is a high spectrum that any one could notice.
  • The low glow camera and red glow camera both put red light but the result seen in the low glow is more bright than the red glow thus it is generally not recommendable.
  • Red glow trail camera is easily available and cheaper with 10 megapixel due to its design and low spectrum there’s a chance of the camera getting stolen.

It also depends on the hunters skills how they manage to set up the camera and they must choose the camera according to their need and not considering the price.

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