It is a known thing that cigarette smoke causes cancer mainly because of the harmful toxins it produces, such as carbon monoxide and tar. Cigarette smoke is known to contain more than 5000 carcinogens. Smoking can not only cause serious health issues for the smoker or the people he lives with, but it also affects a person’s social life. Popular culture now discourages smoking in dramas, movies, and other sources of entertainment and information. Comparatively, pop culture has made vaping very trendy in the UK and has appeared as a popular method to quit smoking all over the world. Vaping uses vapours instead of smoke, and synthetically manufactured nicotine is used as a substitute for burning tobacco. Vaping has helped many people quit over the years, and today we will see how vaping can help you quit.


Well, the answer to this question is fairly simple. Other methods of quitting smoking include the cold turkey method, switching to nicotine patches or gums. The cold turkey method means to just stop smoking right away. Smoking is quite addictive, and you cannot get it out of your system so rapidly. While it may work for a very small percentage of people, for most people, it has proved fruitless. Nicotine patches and gums are also a great way to quit but mostly for people who do not smoke while socializing. Patches and gums do not affect the psychology of the smoker as they are used to having the cigarette in their hand while talking to people or roaming around. These methods only cater to the nicotine addiction and not the habit itself. Vaping, however, is a very effective method as it provides the nicotine as well as it provides psychological satisfaction of holding the vape like a cigarette, puffing it and exhaling clouds of vapour.


When one is trying to quit smoking with the help of vaping and is new to the whole concept of using a vape, it can become confusing because of all the choices which are available in the market. If someone is unable to reach a decision, they will most probably relapse. Even if they reach a decision, if it is not the right choice, they will again relapse. The ideal choice for new vapers trying to quit smoking is to find a vape that provides a hit and experience which is similar to a cigarette. In this regard, Riot Squad salts 10ml is a great choice because of its unique hybrid nicotine mixture, which is similar to the hit you get from smoking a cigarette. Also, disposable pod kits are another good choice if you want to start your journey without any complex systems to manage.


Yes, vaping is a great way to quit smoking. Many people in the UK and all over the world have used vaping to push cigarette smoke out of their life and lead healthy life. Vaping helps you control the amount of nicotine you take, and you can also choose the flavours you like. You can even get a tobacco flavour, and the way you vape is pretty much similar to how you smoke so it means there is a little chance that you will be relapsing. Reports have shown that vaping has proven to be more effective than nicotine patches and gums.

IS VAPING SAFE as compared to smoking?

Vaping is completely safe as compared to smoking, where you are inhaling thousands of carcinogens with each puff. The prime cancerous ingredients being the tar and carbon monoxide produced from the smoke. Vaping, however, uses e-liquids that are approved and fulfil the safety measures. They eliminate those thousands of toxins, particularly tar and CO, which make smoking so dangerous. With vaping, you can also control the nicotine strength, which can help you quit nicotine with the passage of time if you want to. You can at least lower the quantity of nicotine you take with the help of vapes if not quit it completely. Similarly, in the case of cigarettes, passive smoking is even more contagious than active smoking, thus putting the lives of our loved ones at risk if we are smoking in between them. However, there has been no proof so far regarding the vapours from a vape which can cause such issues for the people around.

In a nutshell, vaping is a great way to quit smoking. If you have been struggling and all other methods have failed, you should try vaping, as it is more likely to help you take control and say farewell to cigarette smoke once and for all.

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