Virtual Queue Management System: What to Know?

It is true that to have good queue management procedures in proper place can make a massive difference to any type of customer-facing environment. Of course, covid-19 has actually underlined the requirement for proper queue management.

More and more companies are investing in virtual queue management system for their business. Of course, many of you may be thinking what really is this virtual queue right? Well, this post is going to quickly walk through the concept for your better understanding.

What do you mean by a virtual queue?

A virtual queue is a type of concept that permits waiting customers to skip waiting on hold, and rather , opt in to be contacted again by a proper customer care agent when it’s the turn  of the customer to be served. Once a customer chooses this option, the virtual queuing system gathers relevant contact details then waits until an agent is free and available, before automatically reaching out to the specific customer again and linking him or her to an available agent.

Relying on the kind of virtual queue, the queuing system could take into account several conditions, for example  current inbound call volume, before rewiring the customer to the agent. Virtual queuing permits for customers to do something else while waiting in that of the queue offline, as opposed to having to remain alert and wait for an agent to start speaking on the phone. This service is quite similar to offerings by brick-and-mortar stores and that of restaurants who send a sms text or push-notification through the app to customers when their table is all set and ready, so that consumers can swiftly return to the restaurant to be seated.

How does it help?

Permitting the consumers to relinquish waiting on hold might increase customer satisfaction and decrease abandonment rate and repeat calls, as consumers no longer require to wait on hold for an unnamed amount of time. This could also lead to higher employee satisfaction as well, since customers who have not really had to wait are generally less irritated and frustrated than the ones who do.

You know what, some virtual queuing systems even permit for priority queueing, where your center can easily serve certain customers sooner, or manifold virtual queues so that customers with specific needs are served once a specialized agent is all available. Virtual queueing can even assist control massive call volume periods by rescheduling calls to a lower call volume period. This in order would also assist distribute the workload more evenly to call center employees.

It might interest you that various call center managers deal and wrestle with staffing questions, mainly if the call center gets far more calls in the morning than that of in the afternoon, which means that extra set of employees to support morning peak periods are left with small amount of work during non-peak hours. Here, with virtual queuing, call center managers can easily make the centers more effective and efficient by distributing calls in a more even manner across the day.


So, no matter what type of industry you are in,  you can make the most of a proper queue management system and ensure that you grow and prosper.


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