Webinar: Switch On Your 2021 Social Media Game Plan

Our wonderful feedback from webinar participants included both regular attendees and newcomers to digital marketing. The main focus of the Creative Convert social media marketing webinar was to highlight the importance of developing campaigns for success with the best creative, mobile and implementation of social media best practices. The webinar focused on video creatives, which are mandatory when brands develop social media strategies that lead to high-quality traffic, conversions and overall performance.   

This webinar discusses how to develop a social media engagement strategy from start to finish that puts you in the best position to achieve your social media goals via webinar marketing services. In this 2021 webinar starting 2020, learn more about the key opportunities for 2021 in areas of social media, social listening, analytics and reputation management. Adsense is hosting the Creative That Convert webinar in partnership with Facebook to discuss the best creative solutions for brands taking advantage of social media.   

In this webinar, Katie Cerney, Deluxe Director of Social Media Strategy and Small Business Services, will present small business owners with simple social must-dos and give tips on how to keep up with ever-changing platforms. You will also gain deep insights into other creative strategies to win in the social sphere. The home of social networks and the best social media strategies, the upcoming RapidHIT webinar (December 9, 2020) Social networks and event marketing remain one of the most powerful channels for building lasting connections between companies and their audiences.   

Publishing your event on social media is a great way to attract more visitors to your webinar, where visitors can learn more about and sign up for your event on your website page by page. You and your team can also use specific information about registered customers such as their job title and the size of their company to improve future marketing campaigns. While webinars can be shared on your social network while you want to open the webinar by collecting emails and other details after it finishes, you can also share the webinar, upload the recorded webinar to YouTube or Facebook and host it on Wistia.   

After the webinar, you wish to send an email with a repeat of the webinar within 3 days. The first email should break down what to expect from the webinars, with a registration link button at the bottom. A link to the recorded webinar is also an option to open it (an email address required), give your followers an overview, encourage them to log in to watch it, and then share your recorded webinar on a social channel such as YouTube or Facebook.   

Once you know what you’re creating for your social media marketing webinar, you’ll have a better idea of what your content will be about. Read and answer the questions you answered on the call at the beginning of the webinar and find a way to incorporate the answers into your presentation. Possible topics for your target audience, how much fee you will charge, what audience is likely to have time for a webinar on which platform, and how you will choose a discount price when promoting your event.   

Virtual webinar planning, promotion and management is a webinar plan that can have a massive impact on your business. By choosing the right platform to help you organize a successful online webinar you can make the event as interactive and engaging as possible. Here are some strategies you can follow to make your virtual webinars more interactive.   

A webinar involves much more than just hosting a video on your website. Nowadays, companies use webinar marketing services to network and reach the global market. Choosing a prestigious platform such as Eventbooking can make your virtual webinar a successful and engaging event.   

Get insight into your audience by conducting surveys before and after the webinar, live chats, webinar Q & A, and social listening. Your leads are the people you invite to your next webinar. Don’t imagine live webinars and workshops as Band-Aid for a global pandemic.   

Plan digital webinars to engage new, current and former patients and build trust in a more personal way than email campaigns to engage them. If your audience is at the forefront of the funnel, your webinar should focus on thought leadership and lead generation. Practical and easily accessible content such as podcasts and newsletters helps brands connect with customers and provide an intimate way to stay in touch.   

It creates posts that raise awareness, humanize your brand, and engage your followers and the public in general. It is a guide to social media marketing, from finding the best content to guides covering the use of your products and services, and it can be shared across all your social channels.   

Some formats work better for certain media than others: for example, create a webinar for YouTube, tweet it on Twitter, or share a cool infographic about it on Facebook. Depending on the webinar software you are using, you can also set up surveys for attendees in advance or set up some kind of chat window. Appearing early can add a touch of professionalism and confidence to your webinar promotion.   

For the above reasons, you should retweet and share posts from other brands and people you believe in. Back, for example, to the sportswear brand: perhaps you’re sharing a smart tweet from an athlete you admire, or a post from a university about new findings in exercise science.   Theta creates and edits VR images and videos suitable for publication on social media sites such as Instagram and Zoom, hosts high-quality webinars, and has the ability to broadcast your events on Facebook and YouTube. With over 5 years of social media marketing webinar experience, she will talk about the intricacies of the design of a social media marketing strategy webinar.


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