Wedding Costs – What To Consider When Planning Wedding Catering Etc…

The amount you spend on your wedding reception depends greatly on the catering company you choose. Wedding catering costs in Italy are generally less expensive than in the United States. Many wedding events host cater free of charge, while others opt to pay a fee. Catering companies charge their clients according to the size of the party, where they have their location and if the reception is being held outside or indoors. If you want to plan an Italian themed wedding, here are a few tips for budgeting your catering costs:

A number of catering companies provide bridal parties with themed packages that include their basic catering needs. Whether you are having a casual outdoor reception or an elegant sit down dinner, many people like to use themed stations for their food. Stationary dishes such as breads, pastas, salad bowls, fruit platters and ice creams are all commonly used themes in Italian cuisine. The price for a station package usually includes the food, one or two trays of food, salad plates, dessert plates, cups and wine glasses. For the foods to be served, an additional catering station may be needed, which can make your Italian themed wedding even more special.

Wedding catering costs often include servers for your first dinner (the ‘table top’), a signature appetizer, a glass of wine and a plated dinner. There are some good examples on the grigliareduro.comcatering-matrimonio web page. Depending on the season, you may also need servers to cater your first dance, reception after dinner and the post-party dances. A sit down meal is usually an additional charge that cannot be added to the overall price of your catering services. These meals typically consist of lasagna, prime rib, seafood, pasta dishes, lasagna and vegetable dishes. Wedding catering costs in Italy can also include a salad bar and wine service.

Salads are usually offered as an appetiser to guests who wish to try something different from the main meal. This allows you to offer an alternative menu choice to those who do not wish to see the full meal and can save your catering budget. Salad courses are particularly popular with wedding guest lists and can be a great way to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your meal plan without breaking the bank.

Another type of meal that many caterers offer are ‘pots’. These can either be a salad bowl or a simple soup. However, they are also a popular offering, due to the high level of disposable ingredients that most caterers use. As a result, it is very common for guests to ask if they can bring their own containers to place the food in or have a platter placed upon the table. This saves your staff the effort of preparing the meal, while still allowing them to offer a delicious meal for their guests.

Lastly, a ‘plateset’ can be a very inexpensive option for a caterer. Plates can either be purchased as individual plates or as a ‘buffet table’ where guests can choose their favourite plate from a collection. Many caterers also have the option of having a plated dinner display, which is similar to a buffet, but with individual plates displaying individual dishes. Again, this can save your staff the effort required to prepare the meal and can also lower your catering cost.

Most wedding caterers will offer some form of sandwich platters catering. Whether the caterer sells individually packaged sandwiches or has its own selection, it is possible to offer your guests a deluxe assortment of sandwiches. Many caterers will supply a selection of cheeses, spreads, toppings and may even provide chips and other small items to top off the meal. This can add an extra level of fun to wedding catering, especially if the caterer uses its own cutting station. Alternatively, most reputable caterers will have a range of disposable cutlery available to their customers.

Finally, it is worth noting that many couples choose to purchase plated meals in bulk. Although it can sometimes prove more expensive than buying individual items, it can be cheaper than purchasing each dish individually. If your budget is being stretched as much as possible, then a package deal may be a better choice for you. Couples who need to eat a large number of food items can also consider buying in bulk, as it generally costs less than one unit per person.


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