What are Digital Patient Forms and What are their Benefits?

Gone are the days when medical offices used pens and papers to fill out patient intake forms. Digital forms have now taken over those traditional forms in almost every medical facility. This new norm has changed the way patient information is stored, managed, and accessed. This modern tool has streamlined the entire process of patient registration. It has offered so much ease for both patient and the staff member. Moreover, these patient forms have eliminated the need for previously essential administrative tasks besides saving a great time and effort of staff.   

With this innovative method, patients can now book their own appointments. This facilitates them to book at the best time for their schedule. All this process ultimately increases your conversions. In this factsheet, we will try to help you understand all the basics of digital form and the benefits of using online forms for patients. This information will assist you in transitioning from traditional to modern methods. 

What is a Digital Patient Screening Form? 

Digital patient screening forms are general patient information storing forms that are used when new patients come for registration or old patient want to share his history, insurance details or feedback of your service. Patients can fill these forms remotely or the staff member will fill them in their place in the clinic. They can access and fill these forms with the help of smartphones, tablets, or any other digital device. And the healthcare facilities use a HIPAA-certified platform to input and store patients’ sensitive information.  

Besides making the process easy and brisk, this new tool in the healthcare sector has solved the growing concerns about security issues and storing data. This is why more and more healthcare centers are replacing their old systems with digital forms. And those who are already using this technology are of the view that these forms have improved their clinical efficiency and reduced the time and effort required for filling out the registration forms. 

Types of Online Patient Registration Forms: 

There are many types of online forms that make medical offices easier to manage their patients at all points of the patient experience. Moreover, these forms free their staff up from manual collection and processing. The data is also easily accessible from one place. Here we have enlisted a few of the most common forms you’ll need to run your practice. 

New patient Intake or Enrollment Form:

The first thing you need to do when a patient wants to avail of your health services is his registration. And digital intake form can serve you on this. Moreover, it makes patient enrollment (or onboarding) easy and efficient, as well as improve the patient experience. 

Service Follow-up Form for Patient Recall:

This form is to ensure that your patients return for future visits for their ongoing treatment. It helps you to remind them about recommended follow-up services they can opt-in to. 

Patient Experience Survey and Feedback Form:

Feedback is very important for every business to improve its operations and performance. And to gain valuable feedback from your patients about your medical care and their experience, you can use an automated digital assistant. This feedback will help you to better satisfy patients, attract new patients, and improve your practice. 

Medical History Form:

To have accurate, up-to-date patient history information means you can manage clinical treatment and administration much easier and more efficiently. An online patient form reduces the chances of errors while gathering data. Also, it ensures you’re relying on accurate patient history information. 

Medical and Dental Insurance Form:

This form allows patients to submit their insurance to be processed.  

Advantages of Using Online Patient Forms: 

Using a digital patient form has several benefits. Since the outburst of the COVID-19, people are hesitant to touch surfaces out of fear of being exposed to the virus. So, using digital forms can reduce the patient’s concerns and allow healthcare providers to get the necessary information. Besides this benefit, there are many other benefits of these forms, let’s discuss them.  

  • A digital patient form can improve data accuracy. With patient forms online, patients can type in all the information themselves. Doing so improves the accuracy of the information and reduces the burden on your clinic’s staff. 
  • These forms give healthcare providers more time to review the patient information before their visit. This saves them from making a rushed decision.  
  • These forms can help office staff to become better at their jobs because the burden of patient intake forms shifts to the shoulders of office staff. 
  • Automated digital assistant forms lead to happier patients because patients prefer interacting online forms over the hard copy forms for sharing their details.   
  • Online patient forms can reduce the time patients spend in the waiting rooms. 
  • Digital forms are very cost-effective as compared to physical forms. 
  • Online forms are more securer than all other options.  


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