What are the Best Pedometer App for Android Phone Free?

There is a lot of pedometer app for Android device. Some people use the mobile phone with GPS, and some people use additional hardware such as Fitbit.

But here I would like to recommend simple and free pedometer apps for your android smartphone. If you want more accurate result, please see the article: ” What is Best Pedometer App for Android with GPS Accuracy “.

Mobile phones that are currently on the market (2015) can achieve quite decent accuracy without additional hardware. This means you do not need to buy Fitbit or other expensive device which costs about $ 100.

Pedometer app can use both built-in sensors in your smartphone or phone’s step counter. If you buy a new smartphone, there are some things you need to consider before installing pedometer app.

First thing that you should look for is Sensor support like Accelerometer, Magnetic field (compass), Proximity sensor and Rotation Vector sensor. These sensors are important for step counter. The first three sensors can be used to calculate speed and direction, and the last sensor is used to determine the device rotation.

The second thing that you need to think about is whether Android pedometer app has calibration feature. It’s very important for accuracy, because these sensors (accelerometer, compass and rotation vector) can give different values depending on where you use it. The optimal position for each sensor is different.

The last thing you need to consider is the user interface of Android pedometer app. It’s better if it can be used offline without connecting to network, has graph and data displays, and supports multiple languages.

It is important that you calibrate your smartphone or phone with a calibration tool before using step counter app for android. A lot of Android pedometer apps are integrated with Google Fit. If you have a smartwatch that can automatically sync your fitness data, it’s better to choose one that supports the Google Fit API because then you do not need to manually keep track of your fitness data.

One more thing before I show you top three best step counter app for android. If you want more accurate results, please use a phone with hardware that supports all these sensors: Accelerometer, Compass and Rotation Vector.

There are some pedometer apps that can be used for both running and walking. It’s important to know that if you do not need GPS feature then just limit the apps to Android pedometer app without GPS.

Top Three Best Pedometer App for Android Free – No GPS

1. Google Fit (Pedometer & Step counter)

Google Fit is not just a pedometer app, but it integrates with all other health apps that are compatible with the Google fit API. This means there will be more accurate results than using other step counter app without built-in GPS. 

Google Fit is preinstalled with all Android devices running on Android 4.0 or later that support these sensors: Accelerometer, Compass and Rotation Vector.

You can find Google Fit in your app list or just search for it in google play store . If you have a device equipped with the above sensors, then you don’t need to calibrate your smartphone.

You can use it as a pedometer app for running and walking, but if you want it to be more accurate, then limit Google Fit to Pedometer & Step Counter only. This is because the Navigation feature of Google Fit uses built-in GPS which will drain your battery quickly.

Google Fit supports multiple languages and you can set your preferred language. You can also use Google Fit with or without Internet connection.

Google Fit is able to sync your fitness data with other applications such as Endomondo, Runkeeper, MyFitnessPal and MapMyRun . If you want all your fitness data in one place then you should choose an Android pedometer app that’s compatible with Google Fit API.

2. Step counter & Pedometer – Runtastic Steps

The second best Android pedometer app is Runtastic Steps. It is a very simple phone step counter with a pretty straightforward user interface, but it is good enough to be used as a pedometer without GPS. This is because it can use the sensors of your phone to calculate speed and direction.

The only problem I have with this app is it needs Internet connection, so if you want an offline step counter then you should consider another pedometer app without GPS. However, there are some features that make it deserve second place in my top 3 best pedometer apps with no GPS.

It has achievements, track multiple activities (running, walking, cycling), the user interface is customizable with different colors and themes plus it’s free. If you want to remove ads then you will need to purchase Runtastic pro for $2.99 .

3. Pedometer Step Counter by Azumio

The third best step counter for Android that is compatible with Google Fit API is Pedometer Step Counter by Azumio. It has a nice user interface and it’s very easy to use, but it does not have any advanced features like Runtastic or Google Fit. However, if you just want an app for tracking steps then this one will do the job.

Pedometer Step Counter by Azumio is available for free and has a pro version that costs $1.49 which removes ads and offers more themes and styles plus additional features like: custom counter, challenge friends and various stats.


I know there are many other step counter apps out there, but those three were already good enough for me. You can try the other apps if you want, but as far as I know those three are the best Android pedometer app without GPS. They have a nice user interface and they will do a decent job at tracking your steps even though they don’t have built-in GPS.

Maritna Hale

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