What Is Norton Error: “3048,3”?

There are many users who reported that a Norton Error 3048,3 started appearing when they browse the web. This error doesn’t occur with every browser but this issue only occurs with some users who installed Norton Internet Security on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Norton is the most popular security software which used in windows. Norton’s security feature will protect your computer from viruses and malware. It has some advanced features like online backup, live services, safe web, computer tune-up, etc. All the advance feature comes in one product that’s why sometimes it may occur issues and errors. Below we discuss the causes and symptoms of Norton Error 3048,3.  

How To Setup Norton

  • Go to the official website norton.com/setup install and then move to the homepage.
  • Click on the My Account tab.
  • Now, see the download button and click on that to download.
  • Click on the tab which states Download on this device.
  • After that, download start on your user device.
  • Now, wait till the download finish.
  • At last, you have downloaded the software on your device.

Setup Norton On Another Device

  • Firstly, you have to visit the site norton.com/setup download.
  • Go to the home page of this site.
  • Move to My Account of the website.
  • By using your login credentials you have to log in to your account.
  • Now, when you logged in then see the download. 
  • Click on download.
  • Then, you will see the options to download preferences.
  • Select the download on another device.
  • Now, ask for the email address, where you want the account.
  • After filling in your email id, click on the link ‘send download link’ to get to send your email.
  • Open the link from your device where you want to download norton.com/setup.
  • When you open the link then click on the download button.
  • Now, your Norton Antivirus successfully downloaded.

Causes of Norton Error: “3048,3”

  • When the Norton Antivirus is corrupted or damaged and the software is incomplete installed.
  • If the Windows registries have been corrupted for any reason.
  • May occurs of window file and Norton may have been infected by malware.
  • When accidentally deleted the Norton software file which cause Norton antivirus security error 3048,3. 

Symptoms Of Norton Error 3048,3

  • It will crash the active program window and can appear randomly.
  • Your computer starts to hang up for a second at times.
  • Windows will start responding slowly to the input like mouse and keyboard.
  • The error message pops up on your screen “Norton Error 3048,3 Window 7”.
  • When you run the same program more than one time then an error pops up and crashes your PC.

How To Resolve Norton Error 3048,3

There are some steps to follow to resolve the error 3048,3:-

Step 1- Fix Registry Entry

  • This cause will only be fixed by the professional. If any user tries to fix this then it may cause a system failure and damage the operating system which can’t be fixed. 
  • We recommend using software like “Win Thruster” to fix errors. This software is developed by Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.
  • Another software is “Registry Cleaner” which helps to find any invalid or malicious entry. 

Step 2- Do Malware Scan On Your Computer

  • This is compulsory to run a Malware Scan on your computer to move sort of possibility. 
  • The malicious virus can damage or delete important runtime error files on the system.
  • May this error have some experience as part of the malicious program.

Step 3- Clean Junk Folder and Delete temp.

  • It is important to clean junk files and delete the temporary file from your computers. Due to these files, Error 3048,3 may occur. 
  • May this cause the error to not let the Norton antivirus work properly and get slow down the computer.

Step 4- Update System Device

  • The Norton Error 3048,3 may occur due to the device is not updated or corrupted. You have to update your system device regularly.
  • This is not easy to find and update the error-related device deriver. And if you install the wrong driver then it can be harmful and may cause the entire system to shut down permanently. 
  • Recommended by experts the driver update tools like Driver Doc to automatically update the entire device.

Step 5- To Undo Change Use Windows System Restore

  • By using the Window System Restore you can go back and undo the steps to check the wrong steps and fix them. 
  • These easy steps can help to save time by finding the errors.

Step 6- Uninstall and Install The Software

  • Take this step to check the Norton Antivirus is that to uninstall the software.
  • Now, again install the Norton Antivirus software on your computer.

Step 7- Setup The Window File Checker

  • This software will help you to scan corrupted windows.
  • Enable you to restore the files.

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Winding Up!

I hope this article will be helpful for you to understand Norton Error 3048,3  & its symptoms. There are some steps to fix this error. If you have any other issues them visit our other articles to resolve all your issues.


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