What Is Student Visa 500 Processing Time And How To Apply For It?

Do you wish to study a long term course from that of Australia? If so, then, you must apply for the Student Visa Subclass 500 by adhering to the authentic application procedure. This visa lets international students to study a substantial academic program which is more than twelve weeks from Australia.

Make sure you are aware of the crucial aspects while applying for this particular student visa subclass. In this regard, you can always hire an Immigration Agent in Perth to get premium immigration assistance.

Fundamental eligibility criteria!

There are some basic eligibility requirements associating the student 500. So, as an overseas student you must meet each of these criteria effectively before applying. The Department of Home Affairs will make sure that you have met all these criteria in the proper and expected way. It is only after that when they will grant your student visa 500. A checklist of these eligibility criteria can be considered below.

  • You must prove that you have adequate welfare arrangement. This criterion particular applies to offshore students who are less than eighteen years.
  • You must belong to the minimum age of eligibility which is six years
  • As the applicant of the student visa 500 you must be the holder of a substantial health insurance cover. According this criterion every applicant of the student visa 500 should be the holder of the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).
  • Most importantly, you must have applied for a substantial full-time course of study from Australia.
  • You must have signed the Australian Values Statement etc.

Remember, with the student visa 500, you will be able to reside in Australia until the successful completion of your course.

Crucial eligibility requirements

To apply for the Student Visa 500 successfully, you need to meet some other eligibility requirements too. Once you meet these imperative eligibility requirements, it will let you apply for your student visa successfully. These include the following:

GTE Requirement!

You must provide a GTE statement in English or in your mother language as well. If latter is the case, then you must attach the translated copy along with. By submitting this document you will be able to prove that you are entering Australia with a genuine intention to study.

Health and Character Requirements!

You also need to meet the pertinent health and character requirements as part of the application process. Compliance with these requirements will prove that you possess a sound health as well as a good moral character.

Adequate Funds!

While applying for the student visa 500 you need to prove that you possess enough funds. The Australian Immigration Department wants to ensure this fact indispensably. Compliance with this criterion will let you afford your entire stay in Australia effectively. The funds you need to possess will cover certain costs pertaining to your stay. These include all your study, travel and stay related costs in Australia. The criterion to prove adequate fund will again vary in case if you are bringing your family members along with you.

English Language Requirement!

Australia wants every of its international students to speak and write English at a reasonable extent. This is an imperative requirement of the application process of the visa subclass 500 in Australia. To meet this requirement you must have passed any of the subsequent English language tests with the expected total score. A checklist of these English language tests can be considered below.

  • Occupational English Test-A gradation of B must be obtained in each of the four areas of English.
  • PTE-A total score of forty two is required to quality in this English exam
  • CAE-A total score of one sixty two is imperative if you want to pass this English test
  • TOEFL iBT-To pass in this particular English exam, you need to obtain a score of forty six in total.
  • IELTS: A total score of five point five is required indispensably for the successful completion of this test.

All of the tests given above are approved by the Department of Home Affairs. Hence, you can appear for any of them and prove your proficiency in the English language.

Study Requirements!

There are certain study requirements as well if you want to apply for the student visa 500 effectively. These include the following:

  • A valid letter of support
  • Evidence related to the packaged programs of study which you’ve applied for
  • Evidence pertaining to your Confirmation of Enrolment at your pertinent university or college

Make sure you meet these requirements without a failure. Failure to meet the same might lead to the abrupt rejection or cancellation of your student visa.

Apply for the student visa 500!

Now, it’s time to apply for the student Visa subclass 500 from Australia. Following are the steps which will ensure an impeccable student visa application for you.

  • Gather the right documents by checking the document checklist tool
  • Now, you need to apply for the student visa 500 by creating an ImmiAccount
  • Attach the essential credentials
  • Subsequently, you need to pay the visa fees of your student visa 500
  • Next, you must obtain the referral letters, attach your biometrics and meet health the examination etc.

After this procedure is over, you need to wait for the outcome of your student visa 500. Hire the best Immigration Consultant Perth to get the choicest immigration assistance. By optimizing his or her Immigration Agent Perth your immigration agent will ensure the most gratifying student visa application for you.


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