What is the easiest printer to convert to sublimation?

As a big rock band, sublimation printers also have their “groups” and staunch followers. Therefore, we will try to explain why beginners can choose one of these printers above to find their options.

Many people have no choice but to go the cheapest way and that is perfectly acceptable. You will get good results with a short printer. Others want to join in and go … and are willing to pay the price. For an illustration, go through this infographic yourself. Let’s take a closer look at which printers are best for beginners … and why! Read for more information best sublimation printer for beginners

Epson Workforce 7720 – The best choice for beginners in sublimation

Why this is our # 1 choice: The Epson Workforce 7720 does everything you need at the most affordable price. If you decide you enjoy sublimation, you can upgrade or continue later.

Many small business owners sell noble items with the Epson 7720 printers and have no plans to improve them – they are very good and can print up to 13 x 19, which is so great!

Our selection number 1 – the Epson 7720 is exactly the same model as the Epson 7710 (second), except that the 7720 has two paper trays.

Option – sublimation printer for beginners Epson Workforce 7710 (Runner Up).

Why: The Epson 7710 also does everything you need and is probably the cheapest entry point for sublimation. If you’re scratching to the last penny so you can start sublimating, this is your printer.

The Epson 7710 (product link) is the same as the 7720 (our best choice), but has only 1 paper tray (contains 250 sheets). It still prints a fantastic 13 x 19, but you have to change the paper more often.

For example, if you are spraying, you do not want to waste sublimation paper, so you should replace it with plain copy paper. And you have to change the role if you sublimate a phone attack (small paper) versus. child character (large paper)

Choose the Sawgrass 1000 sublimation printer – EasySubli Kit

Our choice # 3 is the Sawgrass 1000 Subject Kit (product link) sold by HeatPress Nation. We recommend HeatPress Nation because they offer real technical support, a one-time toll-free meeting to help you set up your printer, adjust prices, finance, and free shipping (min.) And have many US warehouses, resulting in fast shipping! You won’t find benefits on eBay!

What’s good about Sawgrass?

Once you reach Sawgrass, you will never return. PRINTERS are designed for sublimation, which allows users to take advantage of a 2-year warranty, video demonstrations, technology support, a free design studio, and plug-and-play equipment. However, the high price hampers most startups in the Epson arena.

Maritna Hale

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