What Makes College Students Happy? Let’s Find Out!

Did you know that 7 out of 10 college students experience burn-out in the four years of their college life? College life will undoubtedly drain you to an extent, but not when you discover the secret pockets full of happiness. While securing your grades and balancing your social life, searching for summer internships and managing stress, do not lose sight of your mental well-being. So, how do you preserve your peace and keep the happiness quotient up and about?

We asked a bunch of college students what made their college days worthwhile, and here are a few things that boosted their serotonin throughout the rigorous years of staying away from home.

  1. “Stepping out of my comfort zone”

All these years, while staying with one’s parents, youngsters do not realise how life is outside the cocoon of parents’ warmth and unconditional love. While the outside world may seem a tad harsh at the start, stepping out of your comfort zone is also liberating. As you learn to take healthy risks and meet new people, you grow from within and become a better version of yourself.

  • “Tasting freedom and being independent”

One of the best parts about college is learning to fend for yourself when you stay away from home. Welcome the challenge head-on and take charge of your life. College life serves as the bridge between childhood to adulthood. Use the experiences and learn to be at the steering wheel, taking your life in the right direction. Initially, it will be a bumpy drive. With time, you will know how to manage your finances, when to exert more effort, when to let your hair down and take do my homework.

  • “Making new and good friends”

While school friends will always have a coveted place in your life, college friends transcend the kith and become your kin. Since you will be spending every minute of those four years, probably in the same dormitory, you will share millions of memories with each friend. You will always have a confidante to share the most personal feelings, someone you can celebrate with. Expect to find the Ron to your Harry or Rachel to your Monica!

  • “Finding where my interest lies”

Once you complete your school life, the onus to choose what is best for you lies on you. Since higher education is expensive, college life compels you to channelise your interests and find out what you are good at. If you cannot figure out where your interest lies initially, you can visit a career counsellor. At the end of the day, remember that your major should be a blend of your skills and what makes you happy.

  • “Staying in to Netflix and Chill”

College life should not always have to about boisterous fun and crazy parties. It can also be as simple as you and your friends popping some corn and binge-watching a sitcom while downing some chilled beers. College is fast-paced. Sometimes a quiet time can help you strike the much-needed balance. So, pack your PJs already for a stay-in night of fun! Here is a list of the best OTT shows to watch with your friends.

  • “Making fun weekend plans”

As you shift to a different state or city to attend college, let the wanderlust in you out. Find out about weekend drives in and around your college, and take short trips to rejuvenate yourself. College life is bound to be hectic, with weeks crammed with tests and thesis writing. With activities to look forward to, you will stay motivated throughout the busy week.

  • “Spending some ‘Me’ time”

Staying with your parents has its share of pros and cons. While the homecooked food sounds appetising, the lack of privacy can get on your nerves at times. You certainly cannot steal a moment of peace without being judged by your parents, can you? When you leave for college, use the years to enjoy your solitude. Re-watch your favourite movies, read books, bake or take a nap.

  • “Exercising and taking care of my health”

Although college life can be the busiest four years of your life, this phase in your life also gives you the time to ruminate over the quality of the life you lead. Use this time to routine your life, focusing on your mental and physical health. Spend your breaks in the college gymnasium, or go for a run with a fitness-freak friend. Sign up for meditation and yoga classes to boost your endorphins and be happier. Here is a fitness guide for all you busy rate my paper students.

  • Trying out new places to eat”

When you leave the comfort of your house, you will surely be missing the delectable food your parents made for you with love. However, this is your time to experiment with food and challenge your palette. Make sudden plans with your friends to eat out at the new café that has been the talk of the town for a while. Skip the everyday burgers and switch your dinner for a plate of Japanese yakitori or Korean kimbap.

  1. “Connecting with my family”

Often, distance reminds you of the value of the people you miss. While living with your family, you have taken them for granted. But when you live away from your parents, siblings and pets, you know their true worth in your life. So, despite the back-to-back classes, always make time to call your parents and set Skype dates with your siblings. Tell them often how you love them and miss them. Trust me, these calls (however short) will give you a new lease of life.

Parting thoughts,

Please do not believe what they show in movies and try too hard to fit in your college life as you step into the premises. Please don’t force it. Take time to find yourself and then try to imbibe what is around you. At the end of the day, always remember what matters is your mental well-being. So, learn to embrace your mistakes and failures and rise from the ashes to unfurl even more vibrant wings every time. Remember: YOLO. So, carpe diem, my friend!

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