Why did You need to Buy an Audi R8?

Many car enthusiasts regard Audi R8 as the Superman of the cars. When you think about it, they are not wrong! After all, the R8 has the abilities of Superman paired with the elegant look of Clark Kent.

However, if the comical metaphors aren’t working for you, then read on further!

This car shook the world with its amazing design and astonishing performance, sharing multiple components with the Lamborghini Gallardo, another speedster demon.

This article will discuss all the reasons which will make you want to buy an Audi R8. The chances are that these reasons will convince you enough to get this amazing Audi!

So, without any wait, let’s cut to the chase.

1.   The Strong engine stays under the control of the user.

When you drive the R8 in normal conditions with a speed limit, driving the car is very seamless when you go it slow.

You will find that the power delivery of this car is rather amazing, and the gearbox of this car is so efficient that the gears get shifted imminently and unnoticeably.

However, these features are limited to comfort mode. If you set the car to Dynamic or Sport mode, it shows what the vehicle can do!

When you set the car in either of these modes, the car powers up to 62 mph in just 3.5 seconds!

But, if you still want to go fast, then this car has you covered too! This car can also power up to 62 mph in 3.2 seconds.

But, here’s the best part: The numbers we mentioned above are officially from Audi. But a website named Motor Trend claimed that they hit 2.8 seconds in the V10 Plus!

2.   Driver-focused interior to improve driving skills

The exterior and the interior design of the R8 are well-matched. One could go as far as to say that the interior mimics the exterior looks of the car, hence adapting the aggressive look of the vehicle.

Everything in the car’s interior is mainly made from soft-touch leather and feels focused towards the drive.

And even when someone sits in the passenger seat of the car, the ride is very enjoyable. Granted that it won’t be as fun as driving the vehicle itself, but you will feel comfy and enjoy the thrill of this supercar.

Hence, if you are looking for a car that can improve your driving skills, look for an Audi R8 for sale.

3.   The amazing virtual dash!

Virtual dashboards in a car are not something new. We have seen virtual dashboards before, but we’re only biting if it looks as good as Audi’s!

Audi names its dashboard as “virtual cockpit,” and it comes with the recent cars mostly, very much like the R8.

This virtual dashboard allows you to set its height, have better control over navigation. The dashboard even streamlines itself in a way that makes it perfect for a performance driving mode.

4.   Stunning looks of the car

Just about everything is perfect when we talk about Audi R8.

However, the biggest selling point of this car is its amazing looks. Sure, this Audi might not look as posh as Lambos, but Audi’s design is amazing in its way.

Audi has kept the design of this car rather sharp, desirable, and clean. Additionally, you can also make further modifications to the vehicle for it to achieve a sporty look.

However, we only suggest you do the modifications if you think the design is too basic.

5.   Budget-friendly (to some extent)

Of course, if you put an Audi R8 against a small Fiat, you wouldn’t exactly find it economical.

But, when you consider that you are talking about a supercar, the whole perspective tilts. This car only produces 272 grams of CO2 and manages 24.8 MPG.

Fuel consumption on supercars runs very high. Nevertheless, if you decide to go with an R8, the costs will be significantly less. However, we do have to give you a fair warning. This car is not easy on the ecosystem. So, if you are concerned with following the three R’s and keeping the world’s ecosystem well-balanced, you will want to look further.

6.   Lights up nice!

Let us ask you a question. Whenever someone considers buying an Audi, what is the thing that convinces them the most?

The lights. Audi is one of those manufacturers that do very well with the glow of their cars. The R8 is nothing short of marvelous when we talk about beautiful design and an innovative lighting system.

The lights of the car feature a shape like a wedge which makes them offer an aggressive look. Apart from the bold look, the lights of these cars also come with features such as laser light technology.

This feature promises wider visibility as well as automatic dimming.

7.   Not a Showoff.

In today’s world, when we talk about supercars such as Ferrari or a Lamborghini, people are more concerned with their looks than what’s underneath the hood.

Many car enthusiasts have started to label cars such as Ferraris and Lambos as poser’s cars. They mean that such cars are usually driven by posh people who never take their cars above 40 mph.

Seeing that these are supercars, it is unfair to the cars because they’re designed to run and break records. On the other hand, when we talk about the R8, people don’t consider it a show-off, and it can easily take on any Ferrari or Audi.

If you are rather sophisticated and like to keep a low profile, the R8 meets the criteria for you.

8.   Provides good value for money

When we talk about the standard Audi R8 V10 Plus prices, it starts at £134,500. Granted that this price point is significantly higher and cannot be exactly classified as cheap, but this car provides excellent value for the money.

Talk about the looks, the performance, fuel consumption, or any other technical details. When you put an R8 against the other cars at this price point, the R8 puts them at a disadvantage and proves to be a stellar car.

So, in conclusion, you might end up spending a lot on an R8, but it is going to be worth it.

9.   Audi R8 rocks in yellow too!

Most people don’t usually like the yellow color on a car. It can be because yellow is a tough color to match, and it is also likely to chip away easier than the other colors.  Some people have their mental reasons as well.

However, things turn on a slope when we talk about a yellow Audi R8. To be more specific, the Audi R8 rocks the look in a color shade called “Vegas Yellow.”

The R8s with these colors usually look very eyecatching. Additionally, it also makes your car more noticeable as yellow is an uncommon choice for a vehicle.

Final Words                                 

From a comfortable suspension to an aesthetic design, the Audi R8 has all the elements which make it a dream car for many different people.

However, the model of the car is also going to matter as you can find some minor changes to the interior and other infotainment systems.

Car enthusiasts change the list for the best supercars with the release of new supercars. Nevertheless, the Audi R8 retains its position on the list!

However, if you still don’t feel convinced about the abovementioned reasons, you should try driving an Audi R8 around before buying the car. A drive in such a powerful car will surely convince your mind to buy an R8.

However, if you want to add anything, please leave a comment in the comment sections!


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