Why is Trademark Registration Necessary in UAE?

In today’s competitive economy, registration of your brand is a crucial component. Because many firms are starting business in the UAE market, it is important to safeguard your company’s assets, including brand names, signatures, statements, characters, letters, graphical image, logos. 

As an easy procedure for Business setup UAE attracts many people to start their businesses here. Trademark Registry helps the business to govern its goods and services better, to quickly receive clients, to limit counterfeiting and to develop as a trustworthy brand internationally. 

What is a Trademark? 

A trademark is often a trademark which serves to identify goods or services from other firms as an identification symbol. The name, words signatures, figures, images, signatures, colour, words, slogan, software, application, website, form or combination of all such signatures might be a trademark. 

UAE Law for Trademark 

By using strong trademark laws to safeguard enterprises and trademarks in the area, the UAE government has taken rigorous actions. In the UAE the rules on trademarks are quite close to those of the international standards. 

First proposed in 1992 and modified with Federal Law No. 8 of 2002, Federal Trademarks law No. 37 was enacted. Registration fees for trademarks are minimal and may be applied for by every company.

Infringement of Trademark in Dubai 

You must contact the party and warn them of your trademark rights in the event of any trademark breaches (other firms using your logo, close imitation, etc.). Contact the Department of Trademark Economy to follow up with the matter if they refuse to modify their methods. 

In the UAE, the penalties for marking infringements include seizure and possibly incarceration of products, a fine of at least AED 5000. 

You can consult the Official Portal of the UAE Government for further information on the trademark violation and fines. 

Documents Requirement 

For a Company 

  • Al Raqeem Intellectual Property Notarized Power of the Procurator. (If it has to be legalised by a foreign firm till the UAE Consulate). 
  • The Managing Director’s Passport Copy with Visa Page. 
  • A trading licence document. 
  • JPEG-shape logo. 
  • Goods and services list. 

For an Individual 

  • Al Raqeem Intellectual Property Notarized Power of the Procurator.
  • Partners certificate of notarized no objection 
  • A trade permit copy 3 
  • Individual visa page copy of the passport (owner of the trademark) 
  • Copy of the passport and issuers i.d. of all trade licence partners 
  • JPEG-shaped logo

Benefits of Trademark Registration 

  • Registration of trademarks helps to minimise duplication of the assets of your brand. Trademarks prevent and aid in the flagging of duplicates and also in restricting unlawful import or export. You will get the exclusive right to use the trademark in your marketing and delivery activities for products/services. 
  • Brand Registration UAE helps to secure brand assets. Brand perception, authenticity and transparency are enhanced by trademarks. It enables brands to operate without legal obstacles. Trademark enables clients to differentiate between the brand and the imitation product. It is a pledge to offer goods and services that help to improve customer happiness. 
  • The registration of a trade mark maintains intact the brand identity. Trademark helps firms get their exclusive rights to use their assets in marketing and to supply consumers with excellent products/services. Most notably, Trademark enables you to take action and claim for infringement rights against any illegal use of your assets.

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