Why WordPress is Best PHP CMS for Website Development in 2021.

A common ecommerce theme that works with the WooCommerce plugin is shown in the screenshot below. WooCommerce is one of the most popular plugins for turning your WordPress website into an online store that includes payment processing, a shopping cart, and product galleries. Check out this step-by-step guide to installing WooCommerce. Web Development India is one of the best WordPress Development Company India  with dedicated and expert designers and developers to develop custom websites.

Other eCommerce plugins include Easy Digital Downloads (which is commonly used to sell digital products) and WP Ecommerce. Check out this step-by-step guide to setting up Easy Digital Downloads.  A forum is seen in the final example below. This website was built with the help of a theme, but you might also search for forum plugins on the internet. If you already have a cool theme but it doesn’t have forum features, there are a few options. And that’s how you can use WordPress to build various types of websites. Make a list of the features you need, then search Google for plugins or themes that meet your requirements. I’m sure you’ll still get positive results. Many Top website development company India can help you to develop  ecommerce website on WordPress at affordable price.

 It is compatible with a wide range of media formats.

Feel free to browse the long list of WordPress-accepted file forms, but keep in mind that the following key categories are all supported:

I’ve never had WordPress tell me that a file isn’t accepted in my experience. You should expect to upload files in the following formats:.jpg,.png,.gif,.pdf,.doc,.pptx,.mp3,.m4a,.mp4,.mov,.wmv, and.avi. You won’t have any issues with more obscure file types like.odt,.key,.ogg, or.3gp, either.

Although certain file formats, such as SVGs, are not permitted, there are workarounds available. Check out this WordPress guide on how to upload SVGs safely. In other words, if you want to put a picture, gif, video, or document on your website, WordPress normally allows it. Documents and presentations are often hosted on a website without being published on a particular page.

A Cautionary Note

Yes, WordPress can handle almost any form of media. However, you must abide by the rules and only use media that you own, is available for free download, or can be used with credit.

Here are some sites where you can get legal media like photographs and videos:

The Sony Music website, as an outstanding example of WordPress media support, promotes both music tracks and videos. As a result, the website also contains a variety of video and audio clips. It’s also a picture-heavy website, as shown by the big Kenny Chesney photo in the header. Despite the fact that some website builders are improving their media support, it seems that you will almost always run into something that isn’t permitted.

Variety uses WordPress as well, and its homepage is littered with objects such as background photos, short video clips, movie trailers, animations, music tracks, and galleries from film shoots and television shows. Variety is a good example since almost every article published for the entertainment journal has something to do with media.

 It’s simple to learn and has a large user base.

WordPress is an open-source website that anybody can use. Pricing, premium customer service, or even ability level may not restrict the userbase. Sure, there’s a lot to learn about WordPress, but everyone might spend ten minutes messing around with the dashboard and get a sense of how it works.

Since there are few barriers to accessing the app, users have created journals, forums, online classes, workshops, webinars, and books that detail various aspects of the platform. Then there’s WordPress’s more official customer service. You can either pay extra for dedicated support or use the WordPress forums to get help.

The number of tools available for learning about WordPress or getting fast development questions answered is truly astounding. For example, you might subscribe to a blog like this to receive a steady stream of WordPress tips in your inbox. On the other side, you can use Google to find immediate answers (WPBeginner is known for quick fixes).

Long-term experience requires organized preparation.

Fast fixes for your WordPress issues.

WordPress training is available for free or for a fee, but one thing is certain: the best online courses are well-organized, accessible, and jam-packed with knowledge you can use yourself, send to clients, or share with your employees. The WP101 website, for example, is a well-known training platform with excellent video courses on the following topics:

You’ll end up interacting on your own websites after you’ve learned about WordPress via a training course. Since WordPress doesn’t provide conventional dedicated support, you’ll have to rely on blogs, forums, Google, and other online communities. For the majority of your development issues, the main WordPress help forum should suffice. Fixing WordPress, networking with WordPress, localhost installs, standard installations, and more are all covered in the screenshot below. I’m more of a “Google it and see what comes up” kind of researcher, but both forums and blogs are important for quickly resolving problems.

When it comes to premium plugins and themes, the developers usually offer their own dedicated support through knowledge bases, forums, ticketing systems, and email.

Using Themes and Plugins, You Can Scale Up and Expand Your Website

We’ve already spoken about how WordPress themes and plugins make it simple to build a website, but these components are also essential for scaling up. Download a theme, tweak the interface, and start blogging with a regular site. The same can be said for a portfolio or a company website.

Themes are often used as the site’s base. Apart from some color changes, logo additions, and, of course, the new pages and blog posts, the design work is limited after that.

However, every now and then you know that your website needs to be updated. Perhaps your customers have been clamoring for a membership section on your website, or perhaps you’ve discovered that a monthly quiz is a perfect way to get customers to engage with your brand. In each of these cases, a plugin solves the problem.

For example, there are a slew of fantastic membership plugins that turn a section of your site into a group. Some of them are free to use, while others need payment. Quiz plugins are the same way. We’ve compiled a list of the best quiz plugins available, and that’s just the beginning.

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Plugins Aren’t the Only Way to Expand The Website

When it comes to adding features to your web, plugins usually take the lead. When launching a website, you usually only need one theme.

However, as your site expands, you’ll find that new needs for your site emerge, as well as changes in the industry. When Google began rewarding mobile responsive websites, this was a perfect example of this. Within a year, it seemed that every WordPress theme creator was offering mobile-friendly themes. As a result, many website owners needed to go out and purchase new themes.

New themes are also popular for growing websites for the following reasons:

There are also marketplaces where you can buy and sell themes online. However, be cautious with these, as developers can disappear at any time, leaving you with an unsupported theme. They do, however, have a wide range of themes, and high-quality themes are available; you just have to look a little harder:

Plugins, like themes, are available in both free and premium models. The only difference is that company websites are much more likely to use free plugins. Free themes are fine for personal and beginner blogs, but professionals usually spend $50-$100 on a much nicer premium theme. For more information on which is better for you, read our in-depth article on WordPress free vs paid themes.

However, this isn’t always the case for plugins, as many of the best have always been online. You can use your WordPress dashboard to look for new plugins or go to the WordPress plugin library. There are over 50,000 plugins in this library, the majority of which are free (or in some form of a freemium business model). From caching to forum plugins, spam to social media plugins, the library has it all. It only takes a few minutes to install a plugin, and each plugin page includes screenshots, feature lists, and even some demonstrations

Many premium plugins are also available for purchase on the internet. The biggest difference between a free and a premium plugin is that a paid plugin usually comes with better customer service. Here are some great resources for finding premium plugins:

Managing Doesn’t Need a Genius

Website development companies often provide expensive packages that include an upfront payment as well as a regular monthly payment for maintenance. The only issue is that, once you learn the ropes and receive adequate instruction, WordPress isn’t all that difficult to handle. Managing a website usually entails a few steps:

You don’t check on the server yourself, so it’s all about finding a good host and making sure the web is up and running at all times. Mods or a managed WordPress hosting plan are used to handle security and backups. Anything else on the agenda can be achieved on a sporadic basis. For example, backups are taken automatically every day at Kinsta, are saved for 14 days, and can be restored with a single click.

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