6 Practical Ways to Make Your Business More Environmentally Friendly

In recent years, sustainability has grown to be a higher priority for small and large businesses alike. In addition to harming the environment and contributing to global warming, not being eco-friendly also repels investors and consumers.

From raw materials to production and packaging, businesses have countless areas where they can be greener and more sustainable. There are plenty of ways to integrate sustainable practices into your day-to-day activities.

Here are some simple ways to make your business operations more environmentally friendly.

Source Goods from Sustainable Suppliers

A huge way to significantly lower your corporation’s carbon footprint is by sourcing goods and services that are produced in a sustainable way. This could be a number of things, including goods made from renewable materials, that are non-toxic, or easily recyclable.

Green procurement can help your business become more eco-friendly while also collaborating with more local suppliers.

Use Alternative Energy Sources

Harmful energy sources are a touchy subject but one that needs to be considered. In order to create electricity while avoiding the release of toxins into the air and environment, you’ll need to use alternative sources of energy.

Water power, wind power, and solar power are some big contenders that you could consider. In addition to helping the environment, working with a solar company will help you significantly reduce energy bills.

Get More Energy Efficient Appliances

Most appliances and electronics now come with an energy star rating that displays how energy-efficient they are. Instead of letting your old appliances drain precious energy, buy items that have the lowest energy usage.

Take a moment to do an energy check and compare energy efficiency with the product’s competitors before you buy new appliances in the future.

Save as Much Water as Possible

Another way to save tons of company costs and help the environment is to make sure you’re not wasting any water. Oftentimes, a hidden leaky faucet can be wasting hundreds of gallons of water without anyone ever realizing it.

Hire a professional plumber to help you figure out how you can reduce your company’s water footprint and implement eco-friendly water systems like a Pontoon Pump Station.

Plant Trees Around the Building

Trees are one of the best defenders we have against air pollution and climate change. They act as filters for pollution, providing you with fresh air all day and giving your business a more appealing view.

A big misconception that stops most businesses from planting trees and shrubs is that they don’t have the extra hands to take care of them. On the contrary, they require little to no effort, other than the occasional pruning and watering.

Establish a Recycling System

Creating an effective recycling system or making your current one better is a simple way to make your company greener. This involves small tasks like getting separate bins for paper, cardboard, and plastic to make recycling easier and more efficient.

Going a step further, you can also address food waste by composting it and getting in contact with a local agency that collects and redistributes leftover food.

Davis Roseanna

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