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Android and Android TV are two separate platforms. Since they look alike and same, they are not. Many think that all the Android apps and games are also available for Android TV too since both based on Android. That is not true. There are many reasons for that. I will describe only main reasons.

Android apps and games are developed for touch screens and smaller screens. Those perform well on smart phones. Android TV apps and games designed for bigger and non-touch screens. Android T.V. apps and games are easy to use with TV remote. If you install Android app on your TV, it will be hard to use and some functions may not work. You can install Android games that support gamepad or game-controller on your TV. You can have full experience of that game by using gamepad. Games that support gamepad are also available on Google Play Store TV app. Games that doesn’t are not showing here.

Just like on Android phones, Many TV apps and games removed from play store TV app. If you love those apps, you can use Play Store TV alternatives. Just like for phones. AC Market, Aptoide, AppVN are the best available Android app stores. You can’t use those app stores on Android T.V. devices. Because those have apps and games designed for phones not for TVs. Filelinked, APKTime, Aptoide TV are the best available Android T.V. app stores.

Android TV app stores

One of the most popular TV stores is Filelinked. Filelinked support all most all Android T.V. boxes including Nvidia Shield TV, Shield T.V pro, SkyStream, Mi BOX S, Mi TV Stick, Fire T.V. Stick, Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Stick lite and all. Filelinked is the only app store that has free Movies, TV shows, Sports, News apps. It is because filelinked stores are maintained and created by TV lovers all around the world. You can follow your favorite user from YouTube. YouTube is the best place to find popular Filelinked stores that has Movies and TV shows apps.

Filelinked was initially developed to facilitate bulk file downloads. As you know it is hard to type long URLs specially download links using TV remote. You can add all your files to Filelinked and can download them using any TV box just using 8-digit code. No need to remember or type those long URLs to download files you want.

Many use this feature to create their own list of music, Movies and others. So, you can access your list from anywhere. If you are in a hotel room use your own File linked code to access all your media. Simple and easy media or even your list of local flings so you can meet local fuck buddies. Simple and easy. That feature of this application now used as an app store.

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