Benefits of Kraft Paper for Packaging Boxes

There are many advantages to using Kraft paper in packaging. For one, it is stronger than standard cardboard. It also is more durable, resistant to grease and oil, and biodegradable. All of these factors increase the price of packaging, which will eventually be passed on to the final consumer. That’s a problem for the end consumer, but it’s a win-win for packaging companies.

Stronger than Standard Cardboard

Kraft paper is made from wood pulp and contains minimal chemicals. Its constituent components include cellulose and lignin, which hold the fibers together. Scientists discovered that wood chips should be cooked in sodium hydroxide or sodium sulfide to dissolve the cellulose and break down the lignin fibers. The result is paper that is more durable than standard cardboard.

Kraft paper is stronger than standard cardboard for packaging and is also used in folding cartons and Kraft boxes. It can also be used to reinforce corrugated boxes. It is 100% recyclable, degrades naturally in a few weeks, and is completely eco-friendly.


Biodegradable Kraft paper is a great option for packaging products. It’s easy to recycle and does not produce a mess like a bubble wrap or packing peanuts. However, you should not use it for anything that may leak. The best way to dispose of it is by putting it in a recycling bin.

The production of kraft paper traditionally involves a lot of water and energy, but new technologies are reducing the environmental impact of the industry. For instance, the production of Natural Kraft paper in the Gascogne forest uses bio-based material produced in an eco-responsible process. Furthermore, the paper industry also uses forestry by-products and sawmill waste, which provide an invaluable resource for maintaining forests.

If a consumer is not satisfied with the recycled plastic cartons in their shopping basket, they can send the bag to a composting facility. As long as the paper is made from virgin maritime pine fibers, kraft paper is completely biodegradable. It breaks down in commercial composting facilities in a matter of weeks, leaving no pollutants.


Kraft paper is an eco-friendly and durable alternative to plastic. It is versatile, resistant, and inexpensive. Its many uses make it a popular choice for packaging and distribution. Companies like NORKOL use it to produce various types of products, including boxes, bags, and envelopes. Here are a few reasons why kraft paper is the best option for your packaging and distribution needs.

Humidity: If you need to print on this type of paper, make sure the environment is humid. Keeping the paper at a higher humidity level will help reduce the amount of static electricity. If the paper is too dry, it can cause static electricity, which can cause printing machine problems and delays.

Resistant to Grease and Oil

A distributor of grease and oil-resistant paper products provides a variety of sizes and types for a range of applications. These papers are designed for protection against grease, water, and dust and are also a cost-effective solution for packaging greasy products. These materials are also breathable, allowing moisture and steam to escape.

A chemical called Scotchban is a commonly used grease and oil-resistant coating. It is applied to a wide range of goods, including clothing, fabrics, and home furnishings. In addition, it is applied to automotive fabrics and film. It can also be used on food packaging.

The composition of the present invention provides resistance to oil and grease on paper and paperboard. The formulation is available as a liquid or as a coating and is effective in providing the desired grease and oil resistance to products. It does not contain fluorochemicals, which are typically used in conventional oil and grease-resistant coatings.


Using cost-effective Kraft paper for packaging is an environmentally-friendly option for many products and services. This versatile material offers a variety of advantages, and it’s 100% recyclable. Adding layers of kraft paper to corrugated boxes reinforces them and makes them more durable. It’s also 100% green, and it degrades naturally in a few weeks. It can then be recycled to create new packaging. Here you can check different kraft box samples.

Kraft paper is an excellent choice for packaging because it’s recyclable, lightweight, and resistant to damage. You can wrap pottery and individual items with it, and it’s an excellent choice for shipping fragile items. It also allows you to ship several pieces of pottery or other items in a single box, reducing the risk of damage. Its reusable quality makes it a smart choice for any company looking to reduce shipping costs.

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