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Appraisers look at the property from the perspective of the buyer most likely to purchase for that specific property and not just the characteristics and features they consider attractive and Real estate appealing, but also how much do they think the buyers are “inspecting” the home? A simpler approach is to consider: “If I were looking to purchase this house, what are the Nationwide property and appraisal services things I would look at and what things would I hire someone with professional experience to check?”

It is possible to look through a few cabinets or look over the ceiling for leaks, check the mechanicals to determine whether they’re newer or need to be replaced in the near future. In my observation, not many buyers will venture into crawl spaces and taking their ladders to climb on the roof. They’re mostly looking at the practicality of the house , like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms and whether they are happy with the design of the floorplan, and so on. This is a fantastic video by an appraiser from Portland appraiser Gary Kristensen, that will let you know what to expect from an appraiser when they visit.

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The Home Inspector can go into the skeleton of your home. They will climb up the roof, enter the crawl space and evaluate Commercial real estate appraiser the structural strength. A competent Home Inspector is in a position to identify potential problems that the appraiser might not have noticed like, such as termites, defective electricity, plumbing not in compliance structural problems and leaky roofs and mold, among others. 

If I’ve scarred people with all of the potential issues that could go the problem with the house you’re considering buying (! ) I strongly recommend that if are considering buying a house that you employ an authorized Home Inspector to conduct the full home inspection as they’ll be able to reveal things about the property that the typical appraiser won’t be able to. If you’re not sure who is the best home inspector located in Chicagoland we suggest Inspectrum. Click here to visit their website and contact details.

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