Moisture wicking socks Can be Helpful for your Prosthetics

Certain socks are made to be worn on the skin, or under silicone or gel liners. Don’t stop sweating but can help wick away sweat and keep the skin dry. They are popular among amputees with below-knees. They can also be used for above-knees as well. However, they may reduce the bond between the gel liner made of silicone and the skin, leading to excess movement, which could cause problems of its own (or the issue it attempts to fix excess movement).

They should be used only in conjunction the topic with your prosthetist.

Nursing pads

The pads are able to be placed on the top of the residual leg, with the liner placed over the top, keeping it in prosthetics near me the right position. The pads will absorb sweat and help stop sweat from accumulating beneath the liner. These are a viable alternative for those not able to wear sweat wicking socks because they generally don’t affect the fitting of the liner made of silicone or gel.

Silcone/gel liner review (size, type)

Many of you wear an e-liner made of silicone or gel. There are many kinds and some might help you to reduce sweating and heat when compared with another. The most important thing is that your liner should be fitted. Something your professional will be able to check for your. An unfitting liner can result in sweating more as. Well as a greater pooling of sweat and more irritation to the skin.

Be sure to wash your liner at least once a day and at times twice per day during hot temperatures. This can help keep fungal or bacterial infections from spreading.

Self-management techniques

A healthy lifestyle, being prepared (carrying towels, spare socks sprays, etc.) and deciding. On activities that are appropriate that are prosthetic and orthotic solutions appropriate for your temperature. Regular breaks from the prosthesis (where feasible). And a regular check-up of your skin will aid in staying out of difficulties this summer. Make the habit of ensuring that you’re taking care of yourself. As well as your residual limb as well as your prosthesis.

Medical recommendation

For some it is difficult to control sweating despite the best efforts to control it. An appointment with your doctor as well as our Rehabilitation Consultant may help to discuss different options. For instance, Botox injections and laser hair removal have been utilized to alleviate sweating and the associated issues.

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