Types Of Trade Mark You Can Get in UAE

In order to ensure the best security for a product, it is vital to differentiate between various types of trademarks. Until this is done, there will be a substantial loss in money, not only in litigation but also in the revocation of your trademark registration. So, it is a wise investment to get advice from experts.

Many firms offer Trademark and PRO services in UAE. To understand the Trademark registration in UAE you need to identify different types of trademarks.

Generic Trade Mark

Generic labels reflect a commodity or its seller’s daily details. There could be common words like watches, watching or eating. These might be common words. As these terms are publicly known, for instance, a restaurant cannot file a “restaurant” trademark. 

And it is only right that the whole F&B market will have an artificial monopoly. Any other company could be put out of business. Therefore, to apply for a general label, an enterprise must apply another modifier to its goods exclusively.

Suggestive TradeMark

The marks listed above are only wide-ranging. A proportionate degree of creativity is required to qualify more unique, and thus defensive, trademarks. 

Suggestive marks record terms that include characteristics of a substance without actually literally referring to it. In classifying a brand as suggestive, imagination from consumers’ ends is a primary factor. 

Arbitrary Mark

A Free Model Mark pulls vernacular words or sentences. These terms can, though, be completely unrelated to their items. The warning becomes the higher expense of promotional policies. The emphasis should be on the new semitone association acculturating the audience. This does not, though, dishearten, since success would entail substantial returns.

Services Mark

The security of non-products products, such as utilities, is a particular form of trademark. While generally interchanged in the vernacular, a label distinguishes the type of services of an agency from other related providers

Expert’s insight: Service marks take time to process and typically have stricter evidential criteria since it is understandably difficult to measure than items. In order to enforce legal authority, however, a service mark does not necessarily have to be registered.


This symbol is registered to ensure compliance with local rules. Unlike some types of trademarks, an authorised recipient, not an owner, uses a Certification Mark. In addition, these certification bodies are not permitted to grant this label for their own use as provided for by the “neutrality obligation” in order to provide another level of security.

Name Trade

In place of defining a single service or commodity, trade names are used in labelling an entire organisation. This is particularly popular among multinational companies hosting a number of trademarks. Procter & Gamble is an outstanding example of a commercial brand that contains multiple trademarks like Oral-B.


The labels (“) and (®) have more complex meanings than simple brand emblems. Via strict laws on banned acts, it protects all companies and customers from any offence. Knowledge of the requirements and the level of security involved in each type is crucial for entrepreneurs both emerging and existing to optimise the portfolio of intellectual property.

James Mason

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