Vastu Tips To Follow While Building A House

Vastu Shastra is the Indian system of architecture that helps to maintain positivity in and around your house. You need to follow certain Vastu principles while you construct your dream house so that it has a positive impact on your life. You are going to live in that place on a permanent basis, so you must ensure that it is a favorable place with positive forces around. Talk to a Vastu consultant before building your house, and follow the important steps for a healthy lifestyle ahead.

Vastu tips for house entrance:

  • Choose your entrance in the east direction, as the Sun rises in the East and brings in indomitable energy that is ideal for the house. It will have a great positive impact on your house in general.
  • You can also keep a large window in the east direction, if not the entrance door. Make sure that you have some kind of opening in the East that enables the free flow of air inside the house. Follow the Vastu principles carefully to avoid misfortune and negativity in the future.
  • Avoid having shoe racks, dustbins, and broken furniture right in front of the entrance. It doesn’t look good, and it also has a negative impact on the house.
  • You can opt for indoor greenery that helps to maintain a positive feel throughout. At the entrance, you can keep bamboo plants, money plants, and snake plants. It helps make the place attractive and brings immense wealth and fortune to your house.

North direction:

  • Keep water elements in the northern part of your house. It will be best if you choose water fountains, pools, or any other water source. It will aid in your financial stability in a big way.
  • The main door should also be in the north direction. You can choose the fifth pada for the main door, as it will help in the immense gain of wealth.
  • Avoid a plot of land that has a north-to-south sloping while choosing your house. Search for a good Vastu consultant near me who will effectively solve all your queries regarding the direction of the house.

The direction of the rooms:

  • The bedrooms (or at least the master bedroom) should be in the southwest direction. It helps to maintain a positive ambiance while you sleep.
  • The kitchen should be in the southeast or northwest direction. Maintaining the ideal rules for the kitchen will bring wealth and prosperity to your house. You will also be able to avoid serious health and digestive problems.
  • The living room should be in the northeast, as it is the perfect area that attracts positivity in your house. You also need to design your living room such that it aids in your physical and mental well-being.

Cross ventilation system and other aspects:

  • Ensure that the doors and windows are placed in a suitable manner so as to allow the frequent flow of free air in each of the rooms. Search for a Vastu consultant near me, and contact them in case you face any query regarding the ventilation of your house.
  • Avoid keeping your furniture in such a way that it blocks the free flow of air. The rooms, especially the living room, should be airy and fresh throughout the day.
  • Choose your furniture according to the Vastu Shastra. Wooden furniture in regular shapes is ideal for home use. Keep them in favorable positions to avoid blockage of airflow.
  • Choose shades of blue, yellow, white, and green colors for the walls of the house. They will bring a positive impact to your house and create a favorable ambiance.


In order to have a healthy and fulfilling life ahead, you need to choose the best for building your house. It marks a new beginning in your personal life, so make it worth every effort. Follow the Vastu principles carefully while building your house so that you are in a favorable place to receive good fortunes in the future. Design your home accordingly, and ensure that the things are kept in areas that are perfect for a positive outcome. Talk to a Vastu consultant if you confuse the points in any way. Overall, choose the home aspects very carefully and avoid negative impacts on your life as a whole.


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