Western Gun Holsters and their Application

If something that’s custom isn’t your standards, not a problem! Our Kydex guns holsters are available in various designs and colors, making sure that you’ll pick a holster that fits the person you love dearly. Sometimes, it’s important to be subtle when it comes to holsters, so if uncertain of what your beloved one will like or you’d prefer to go with the safe option opting for the classics is difficult to beat.

We also have a range of choices that are ready to ship today! As you’re likely aware, shipping items that are ready to ship are an excellent option at the time 1911 western holster of Christmas especially products that are made by people. Also, Amazon is a wonderful option to purchase your holiday gifts, however If you’re looking for items that were created by a real person choosing from smaller producers (like the ones we use!) is the best option.


We discussed this in the previous paragraph however Eclipse Holsters is a small company. We are proud of providing our customers with the finest products available on the market today. Every sale means something to us. We are pleased to provide our friends and fellow gun enthusiasts products that they will take pleasure in and be proud of. It’s because we love what we do and are very proud of the products we make. It’s as easy as that.

If you value quality craftsmanship to you, buying one of our leather holsters could be an ideal option to show your appreciation of artists, makers, designers, craftsmen or self-employed hustlers. In fact that we have grandparents who help out in the shop occasionally. We love nothing more than spending time with our the family!

Make sure you head on the Facebook site to stay up-to-date with what’s happening check out what’s happening at the shop, find out the specials we have on offer and keep on top on Eclipse Holsters. It’s the most effective method of keeping up-to-date information. Make sure you give us a the thumbs up while you’re there!


Are any of the holsters western gun holsters we offer a good option for you? We believe it is. Whatever your carrying preference is, there’s a excellent option on our site. No matter if you opt to build your own custom-made model or stick. To the tried-and-true stock options We have something to suit you.

Take an online look because there’s something for all. From the items mentioned above as well as mag pouches EDC Belts, patch. And many more, you’re sure to find something perfect to you or your loved ones this season of giving. Check out our garage sales section to score a fantastic bargain!

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