Why Making Memories Is Good for You

It can often feel as though life is slipping past with alarming speed, and it’s not always the best feeling to have. The idea that people are so busy they’re just making it through from one day to the next and so on, without taking the time to slow down and appreciate what’s around them isn’t great.

However, when you make some wonderful memories along the way, that can all change, and you’ll feel much happier, even if time does seem to be speeding up. With that in mind, here are some of the best reasons why making memories is good for you, so you’ll take the time to make more of them.

Relive the Past

You might have heard people say that living in the past is a bad thing and that people should always be in the present moment or making plans for the future. That’s true in part; if you’re always in the past, you’ll never make new memories or really enjoy life right now. In fact, it might make you sad because you’ll wish you could go back in time.

Yet there is something positive about being in the past for a little while, and your memories will help you with this. If you take some time to think back on things you did and experiences you enjoyed when you and your family were younger, it can boost your happiness levels. That’s because your body will respond by producing more serotonin, which immediately boosts your mood. So, if you want a little pick me up, take out some old photos or think of a particularly great day trip or Christmas from the past, and you’ll feel great – just remember to come back to the present so you can use your good mood to be as productive as possible.

Strengthen Relationships

Memories are often shared experiences, so it makes sense that they would play a big role in making your relationships with the people you shared the experiences with much better. Whether it’s a family vacation, a romantic getaway, a fun day out with friends, or anything else, when you share memories with someone, your bond is sure to become stronger.

There are many ways to share these memories. You might talk about the times you had together, or perhaps you’ll look at some photos together. You might even work together to search for items to send to professionals to make blankets made from clothes that your children no longer wear; this can be a lovely reminder of the past that means the clothes don’t have to be thrown away.

Find Out Who You Are

Memories are great at making people feel happy or giving them something positive to think about, but another reason why making memories is good for you is that they can help you find out who you are. Everything you do is made up of your own choices and preferences, and some of those things will be positive, and others will be negative.

When you think back through your memories, you’ll be able to work out which things you enjoyed and what didn’t work for you, helping you create a sense of identity and work out who you are. When it comes to making decisions in the future, you’ll find it’s much easier when you know what you really like and what you want to avoid.

Stories Flow

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