Write Research Proposals to Secure Funding-6 Steps to Follow

Securing funding for your PhD courses is crucial for students. Most students who look to pursue higher education don’t come from affluent families. They have a limited budget, so they try to secure a sponsor to help them complete their research financially. The best way to secure a sponsor is by writing an immaculate research proposal. However, writing one perfectly isn’t walking in the park. So, many students try to hire research proposal writing service and get research proposal help. However, finding affordable research proposal help can be a hassle. So, students must know how to write better research proposals themselves and secure funding. Follow these six steps to write a research proposal worthy of getting funded –

Title Page

Whether it is a research paper or a dissertation, you must always need to write a title page. The title page consists of the details of the project, and you must explain everything concisely yet cover all the important elements of the research. Here are some of the elements that you must add to the title page –

  • The proposed title of the project
  • Researcher’s name
  • Name of your Supervisor
  • Name of the department and the institution

However, if the proposal tends to get longer, you can include an abstract page to engage the readers. You can also add a table of contents to give more details.


This is the first part of the research proposal. So, you want to write the initial pitch of the project in this part. Succinctly explain what you want to achieve with your research and why you want to do the same. This is what an ideal introduction should look like –

  • Introduce the topic
  • Provide necessary background information and context
  • Briefly explain the problem statement and research questions

The introduction must have all the necessary information that forms the gist of the research paper. You can include information like –

  • The target audience for your research paper and topic
  • How much do we already know about the topic?
  • What is the gap in knowledge?
  • How can your insights contribute to the research?
  • Why do you feel that it is worthwhile to do the research?

If you have answered all these questions, you can move on to the next point.

Literature Review

When you are starting to write a research proposal, you need to show that you are familiar with the topic you have chosen. A strong literature review states that the reader has a good foundation of the subject. Moreover, it reinstates that you are not repeating some work already done by someone else. Rather, it shows that you already have existing knowledge and you are using the research to enhance your knowledge on the subject. You can contribute to the literature review by mentioning the following things –

  • Comparing two theories, and the methods
  • Analysing the strengths and weaknesses of both the approaches
  • Explaining how you can solve the issues with your method

If you feel unsure about what to write, ask your professors about it.

Research design and methods

After the literature review, note down your main research objectives. Then you need to write the research design and the methods you want to apply. That will explain your overall approach and help you answer the research questions. Writing and following a clear set of methods helps you be meticulous and stay on track.

Contribution to knowledge

You will need to finish the proposal on a strong note to create a lasting impression. To do that, you need to explore the potential implications of your research topic in the real world. Keep emphasising what you are trying to contribute and why it matters. For example, your research results may affect society to –

  • Inform people about alternative policymaking decisions
  • Improve the existing practices
  • Strengthening an old model or theory
  • Laying a base for future research
  • Challenging popular beliefs or popular ideas

Try to take an original approach while trying to contribute to existing knowledge.

Reference List

The research proposal must also include citations wherever necessary. Every student uses various sources to write their research proposals. Hence, you need to compile all of them and make a reference list. That way, you can save your paper from getting plagiarised and also acknowledge the efforts of the writers whose work you have cited. There are several online citation tools. You can choose any one of them and create a list easily.

Summing Up:

Certain colleges and universities ask students to submit their research proposals within a fixed deadline. So, you need to be alert about the deadline at every step. By following these six steps, you can finish your research proposal quickly and accurately while ensuring that your funding gets approved.

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