Here Are the Top Reasons for Canada PR Application Rejection

Canadian PR is the dream of many Indians. All those facilitations provided by Canada to its permanent residents persuade various Indian dwellers to find out how to get Canada PR from India. Reaching out to a reliable immigration consultant who can put your application forward for permanent residence under an eligible program is imperative. People often get rejections when their application is not filed properly, and their case is not presented properly. If you have faced such a situation, then fret not as you can try again. However, this time with professional assistance to make this whole process simpler and cover all the loopholes to avoid refusal. But before you find an immigration company to help you apply for Canada PR from India, you should read about the reasons that lead to rejection in the same. Here we go-

How to Get Canada PR from India by Avoiding Forth-Written Mistakes

One of the common reasons for the refusal of a Canada PR visa is a misinterpretation of information associated with it. Different routes leading to permanent residence in Canada come with a distinct set of requirements, which are necessary to be taken care of by the applicant. Skimping on any of the prerequisites will lead to ineligibility for the visa and may result in rejection. An ideal consultant will analyze the profile thoroughly before choosing the right type of program to apply for Canada PR from India. Most of the time visa counselors simply pick Express Entry, which might not be right for every profile they move ahead with. Their first step must be to check out all the factors that play a role in the Canada PR application, such as age, education, work experience, language proficiency, and financial status. Like, If we talk about age as an important aspect of a permanent resident application in Canada, then the candidate should be between 18-35 years to gain the maximum points on the CRS system. But, being more than 35 years does not stop the applicant from getting eligible as they can acquire better scores in English language proficiency. There are various way-outs that can be used but only after knowing how to exactly get Canada PR from India on an expert’s level. 

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Get the Assistance of a Reliable Immigration Consultant

If you are planning to immigrate to Canada, then be ready for a time-consuming and multi-layered process. However, this can be hassle-free if you will get the assistance of a reliable immigration consultant. Adhering to the deadlines set by IRCC for this whole process is mandatory and you would not like to miss them at all. The delays are usually not accepted and puts a negative impact on the visa officer. In fact, many times visa officers define delays in the application an irresponsible behavior and can also be considered as the applicant’s lack of interest in applying for Canadian PR. Similarly, in the case of missing information or documentation. Always read the forms carefully and provide the best possible answers to each piece of information asked. If your application for Canada PR from India does not fulfill the parameters of the IRCC, then the chances of refusal become quite high. Financial inability or insufficiency is also a common reason that leads to rejections in the PR case. Having sufficient funds to manage yourself and your family for at least six months after getting the PR status is very crucial. Make sure to show the required proof of funds via fixed deposits and bank statements and eventually carry it along digitally when you receive Canadian PR. 

Apart from what is mentioned, there are various other factors that play a role in applying for Canada PR from India rightfully, like medical records, no criminal background, etc. Connect with a reliable professional to get a better idea about all the mistakes that lead to rejection in Canada. 

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