Ultimate Launch Guide for Rapido Bike Taxi App Business

In most cities nowadays, the increasing traffic has become an unwanted issue.

In today’s cities, being caught in traffic is one of the unavoidable occurrences. However, we have businesses like Rapido to help us out in these kinds of situations, owing to modern technical breakthroughs and creative minds.

Rapido had a thorough understanding of everyone’s concerns and problems in life, and this insight enabled them to plan and plot for successful bike journeys. Rapido’s tagline, “Ride Solo,” highlights their commitment to providing dependable, practical, and affordable services. In order to make their travel more easy, customers may also save money on every trip by utilising the Rapido coupon code.

By Utilising Cashaly, clients can likewise get many discounts on every Rapido Bike. New clients can partake in the Rapido Bike with the discount of 50% and furthermore get the initial 3 rides absolutely FREE. Rapido is the best Bike rider app that is not difficult to use, location trackable, very reasonable and the most hygienic method for travelling.

Rapido’s Newest Services For Better Travel

In addition to offering bike taxi services, Rapido also offers auto rickshaw and third-party logistical services. In these 11 new Indian cities, including those in the states of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, and Andhra Pradesh, Rapido opted to extend the availability of its auto services. Additionally, Rapido provides a service labelled Rapido Corporate which helps for managing employee travel for businesses. To provide their employees with travel services, organisations must collaborate with Rapido in this regard.

Indian Rapido Bike Taxi Achievements

Rapido is India’s first and quickest developing Bike Taxi app in India. Rapido guarantees protected and efficient rides for intra-city travellers. Rapido bike taxi booking platform enables consumers to experience the most inexpensive and enjoyable commuting alternative in the city by making it simple to arrange a bike ride with helmets and shower caps for a smoother, hygienic, economical, and transparent experience.

Here are some accomplishments Rapido Bike Taxi has achieved: 

  • Rapido is the first bike taxi service in India to reach these milestones together after completing 1 lakh trips and 50,000 App downloads.
  • The Helmet Awareness Campaign was started by Rapido.
  • Having more than 1 Lakh bike drivers and application was progressed to book rapidly and accurately.
  • At renowned coworking spaces in Gurugram, Rapido steals the spotlight.
  • Rapido unveils its Power Pass Subscription Program. Customers who purchase the membership can take advantage of amazing savings on all of their rides.
  • Forbes lists the founders of Rapido among the 30 under 30.
  • On the Play Store, Rapido surpasses the 10 million download threshold.

Top Rapido Competitors In The Bike Taxi Industry

Businesses offering bike taxi services have been operating for more than ten years. There are numerous bike taxi industries in India, all of which compete with one another. Uber, Ola, Zypp, and other popular bike taxi apps are among those that are most fiercely challenging Rapido.

The Features That Make Rapido Stands Out From Its Competitors

  • Rapido’s services should be evaluated for their price, which is one of the most crucial factors. Rapido appears to be the ideal means of transportation for people who travel every day.
  • For safety, Rapido Driver always offers helmets.
  • Due to its availability in five main languages, the Rapido app is very accessible.
  • The Captains can also track their speed using a speed tracking system.
  • The driver and the rider are both covered by insurance under Rapido’s business model.

Using Rapido, how can I make money?

The finest method for making money is Rapido. Rapido allows for both part-time and full-time employment. You only need to register with the Rapido in order to become the Rapido Captain and earn EXTRA money. The typical Rapido Captain income would be roughly Rs 22,000, which is slightly more than the national average. The amount of rides a Rapido Captain completes determines the majority of their remuneration. Simply picking up and dropping off passengers might get a Rapido captain an average daily wage of approximately Rs 1200.

For a Rapido Captain, Rapido pays about Rs 10 per kilometre. The remuneration may also vary depending on whether the caption works during peak or off-peak times. Peak hours are often from 7 am to 12 pm and from 3 pm to 12 am, and captions are rewarded for working during these times. Additionally, non-peak hours, from 12pm to 3pm, are as no incentives are offered. They occasionally receive bonuses as well for doing a certain number of rides each day.


Overall, Rapido’s actions are completely unbelievable. To give its clients the greatest user experience possible, Rapido is always developing new technologies. Rapido’s business strategy makes it very evident that both its clients and its drivers enjoy substantial advantages. They work really hard day and night to find a solution for India’s intra-city commuting issues. One requirement for Rapido is to not worry. The person would like a bothersome, unrestricted driving at high speed.

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