What is A Bottle Cap Torque Tester?

When it comes to the shipping and packaging industry, testing machines and testing tools can make a huge difference in the overall effectiveness of your packaging. That being said, finding the right tool can make testing easier, and it can help you make sure your packaging is going to stand up to the test of time and that it is going to work for you.

What is A Bottle Cap Torque Tester?

In the packaging industry there are so many tools that can be used to test the effectiveness of packaging and to determine what is going to work for different applications. A bottle cap torque tester like the one offered by SecurePak can really help you determine if your packaging is efficient and if it is going to work for your needs.

A bottle cap torque tester helps you to gauge the overall torque or force that it takes to both remove a bottle cap and put it back on. The Deluxe Digital Bottle Cap Torque Tester is a great tool that is going to be able to help you measure torque in inches per lb. and in newton-meters, whatever works best for you. It also offers cap size adjustment so that you can change the cap size depending on what size cap you are using.

It can read increments as low as within 0.1 inch per pound, and it has an incredibly accurate digital read out so that you can be certain of the reading that you are getting. Because it is digital, it is also going to be more accurate than if you were trying to read a dial.

Why Do you Need a Torque Tester?

Torque testers are a very useful and very helpful testing tool to have on hand. With things like bottles, the overall torque and force that it takes to open a bottle can make a big difference in how easy it is for your customers to use it as well as how secure it is when shipping and when you are trying to get a product to market.

A good way to think about it is to imagine that you are shipping bottles of product to market, and you have not tested how secure the cap is and how well it is going to stay put. Say you ship off 1,000 bottles of your product with your untested caps. Something jars the shipment or moves the bottles around during shipping. The caps start to come loose. The product gets spilled, even if all the bottles are not opened the product that spilled gets on the other bottles that have not opened.

Had you tested the bottle caps and seen if they were secure enough, seen if they were going to stay put during shipping, this could have been avoided. Shipping is something that is essential for getting product from one place to another and making sure that you are testing all your packaging can help to prevent issues, it can help to move your product without problems like caps coming loose happening, and it can help you save product.

SecurePak offers a huge range of products that allow for testing of packaging before they leave your factory. SecurePak products allow you the power and control that is needed to ensure that your products are going to be able to get to where they need to without issue. Testing packaging is essential, having the right testing tools can make a huge difference in the overall effectiveness of your packaging and can help make your job just a little easier.

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